SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) is a test taken by candidates who want to join the US colleges for graduation. It is administered by the US College Board Corporation. The aim of this exam is to provide a standardized measure for judging all the candidates who come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and would have studied different undergraduate curriculums. SAT is like any other aptitude test and it follows a certain fixed pattern. Therefore, it is easy to prepare for this test. You will find a lot of resources for the SAT preparation.

SAT Preparation

SAT preparation can be done in a variety of ways. Since this test is taken by thousands of candidates from the US and outside, you will find a number of coaching institutes and online courses that offer SAT preparation. There are a lot of SAT prep guides also available in the market. The SAT exam contains three sections. These are the Math, Critical Reading and Writing sections. SAT prep guides that provide prep materials for all the sections of the exam are available. You can get books for the individual sections as well. You may even find private tutors who can guide you in your studies.
You can use any method for preparation that suits you. However, you should keep in mind certain things while choosing a study guide or a course for SAT preparation. Your SAT course or guide should cover all the aspects of the exam. It should provide you adequate study materials for understanding each and every concept of the exam. Along with this it should provide you a lot of practice questions to solve. Practice questions are useful when they are accompanied with answer keys and explanations to the answers. So, always look for a study guide that gives you explanations to every answer. Apart from these, the most important aspect of your SAT preparation is the SAT pre test. Your SAT prep course or a study guide should give you enough SAT pre tests for practice.

How to Take the SAT Pre Test?

It is not only important to take the SAT pre test but also to take it in a particular fashion. If you are taking a SAT Pre Test containing all the three sections of the exam then you should take it as per the actual test conditions. This means you should time yourself for each section as per the rules of the exam. You should follow all the rules and regulations laid by the SAT organizers for your SAT pre test. This way you will get a feel of the actual exam. You can practice better this way. It also helps you identify your strong and weak areas. Once you take a SAT pre test you should calculate your scores. The detailed study of your scores at a SAT pre test will explain whether you have improved from your previous scores or not.
There are a lot of other benefits of taking the SAT pre test. Firstly, it explains you the exam pattern in great detail. Thus you will come to know exactly what to expect in the actual exam. It allows you to practice the techniques required to attempt aptitude tests like the SAT. You can practice using shortcuts to save on time. Practice using SAT pre tests will boost your confidence and you will find the actual question paper familiar. Also, the SAT pre test will help you avoid common mistakes in the final exam.

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