Practice Tests for SAT

Using SAT Practice Tests

In order to make full use of the different types of practice tests of SAT you must include both of the above mentioned types in your practice. Firstly, you must undertake preparation for the complete syllabus. These are most likely two ways in which you prepare for the SAT. Either you will prepare for one section at a time and then move to the other section, only after completely exhausting your resources for it. Else you would undertake preparation for all the sections side by side.

If you prepare for each section separately then you can start using the practice test of SAT much before. When you finish with the preparation of the first section you can take the sample test for that particular section and fix the concepts that you have learnt. Then you can move to the other sections. Finally, when you prepare for each of the three sections in such a way, you can make use of composite practice test. You should use the composite mock tests for some five to six days before the test. This will help you gain enough practice and you shall not fell anxious on the day of the exam.

In case you prepare for all the sections of the test side by side then there is little use that you can make of the practice test for individual sections. When you are done with revision of concepts you can practice from the composite mock test. In case you have enough time at hand after your revision is over you can make good use of the mock test for individual sections. Firstly you can take the sample test for individual sections for each section and then later on you can take the composite sample test for complete practice.

In either way you can make good use of sample test for SAT.

Sources for SAT Practice Tests

There can be two main sources of SAT test for practice. Firstly there are a number of books which have practice tests. Most commonly the books contain CD ROMs which contain practice tests. Otherwise the practice tests are printed in the books. Secondly, there are a number of web sites which provide sample tests for SAT. These web sites generally provide the practice test for individual sections and not the composite practice tests.

Also you can appear for the official practice test by logging in as a member on the official web site. Through this you can get the most reliable set of questions and the most reliable test taking conditions. Also, on the official web site you can see one official test question of the day everyday. is another link where you can find question banks for practicing for SAT. is another similar link that can come in handy for practice. For SAT preparation books you can look at the ones available in the market or explore amazon and ebay for cheaper options. Look for a book which contains a practice test and remember to read the customer reviews before buying any. This will give you an idea of the popularity and usefulness of the book. You can read the description of these books and choose the one that suits your requirements the best.

If you can get your hands on a good set of SAT tests for practice then you have won half the battle. Preparation is like laying down the bricks while building a wall and practice test is like the plaster you put on it to give it the final finish. So, remember to include a number of sample tests in your preparation for the big day.

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