SAT Practice Test means a test which gives you practice for SAT. It is a replica of the real SAT and supplements preparation. A practice pest helps you get a feel of the real test and prepares you for it in more than one ways.

Practice for any exam is specific. If you have to prepare for two different exams then you require preparation for each separately. This is because of the fact that no two exams have the same pattern, the same syllabus, and the same testing conditions and are mostly prepared by separate testing agencies. Moreover, it is unlikely that you take two separate exams for the same purpose. Hence if you are preparing for SAT, then you shall have to take practice tests.

The test would depend on the curriculum of SAT, the style of the paper and type of questions asked in it. By including mock tests in your preparation materials you will surely go better prepared for the exam. This makes you familiar with the exam and you will know exactly what is expected from it in terms of pattern, layout, difficulty level, sequence of questions, time constraints etc. These practice tests help you sharpen your test taking skills in addition to preparing you for the questions. By test taking skills we mean the abilities required to finally sit in the examination hall and take the test.

Why is a SAT Practice Test Required?

It is a well known and time tested fact that practice makes a man perfect. Here it is important to note that it is not just preparation but practice that makes a man perfect. Your SAT test preparation would include gaining knowledge and revising concepts whereas practice of SAT would include practicing for specific question types. It means concentrating on only practice and fixing the concepts and techniques that you have learnt during your preparation for the test. It is through repeated use of these techniques that you get mastery over them. It gives you the same extra edge that a skilled artesian has over an unskilled one. The difference in their quality of work is because of the former having more practice than the latter. It is through practice that he masters his art and outshines his unskilled counterpart. Similarly it is through practice and practice alone that you can gain mastery over the tactics that you have learnt.

One point that one needs to keep on mind is that all those who prepare for SAT undertake some mean of preparation or the other. Hence all your competitors will prepare nearly the same techniques to handle the exam. There will hardly be any method or formula or tip that they are not aware of and you are. This is where your practice comes in to benefit you. If you have practiced from a number of practice tests of SAT then you are obviously at a more advantageous position than the others.

Types of SAT Practice Tests

Out of all the ways and means to acquire practice it is a SAT practice test that is the best. A mock test of SAT can be of two types. Firstly it can be related with each section separately and secondly it can be composite. Either has its own benefits and helps in preparation.

The practice test related with each section separately will give you practice section wise. It should have the appropriate number of questions and you should attempt it in the corresponding time limits. This type of mock test helps you gain mastery over each section in a more efficient way. Say you are practicing for the Critical Analysis section of the test. In that case you would want a  sample test related with only the Critical Analysis section and not the other sections. That is when you need to use the practice tests for each section separately.

On the other hand when you have taken enough practice for all the sections of SAT you should practice from a composite practice test of SAT. When you take the SAT you have to attempt the different sections of the exam in one testing schedule. This means that you will have move from one section to the other. There are three sections in the test: Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

When you appear for a particular section you have to fully concentrate on it. When you move to one section to another you are likely to take some time in adjusting to the different question types. You are likely to face this problem if you haven't taken enough sample tests. This is where practice from a composite practice test of SAT comes in handy. With regular practice to move from one section to another while practicing from a practice test you get into the habit of getting over a section which you have finished and focusing on the next section completely.

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