Books for SAT Practice

The Best SAT Books for Practice

SAT, developed by College Board, is one of the standardized college admission tests for getting into US educational institutions. This test, that is recognized worldwide examines the reading, writing and mathematical skills of the aspirant. With competitions augmenting day by day, students aiming to triumph in the test should look for the best SAT books available for preparation. This article describes some of the most recommended practice books of SAT.

The Official SAT Study Guide (TM): Second Edition

Becoming persuaded that the SAT book one follows is the right one boosts up the confidence in winning. Moreover, it is not wise to spend time focusing on topics unrelated to the exam pattern. Keeping all these in mind and with the intention of helping the students, the College Board has launched its latest edition of The Official SAT Study Guide. The official website of the test claims that this is the only book containing the previous actual tests and is naturally a boon to the students as it makes them gain a real test experience. This best seller obviously is the leader in the list of practice books of SAT, which one must definitely opt for.

The official website also has the option of ordering this authentic book online! So it is time to save time and start learning right away!


As per the official website, the salient features of these authorized books are as follows:

  • The exam methodology, way to approach the exam, how to choose the best tests and preparation guidelines with valuable tips
  • Well systematized tests thereby providing a real time experience with instructions and detailed explanations for answers
  • Audio CDs for language tests (French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Chinese, Japanese and Korean) for excellence

Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT

A popular seller, this book proves to be one of the best of SAT books, with its well structured teaching techniques. Simple and easy to understand, this book caters to the needs of the students by offering a number of ideas to face the test with confidence. This book also has a DVD included which assists in effortless learning. Through carefully designed materials and exclusive tips to score well, the book puts forth a better approach to learning, particularly for SAT. No wonder it plays a big role in guiding the students to score well in the test.

Kaplan’s 12 Practice Tests for the SAT

As the name says, Kaplan’s 12 Practice Tests for SAT is one of the leading books that focuses primarily on practice tests. Filled with hundreds of questions on reading comprehension, sentence completion, essay questions and multiple choice questions for math, this book is of high assistance in widely increasing speed and accuracy. Hence, with constant practice, the students get to learn how to manage completing the exam within the stipulated time frame. It also includes a self grading guide which is of much aide in knowing where one stands and paves way for improvement.

Other Books

The other recommended practice books available for SAT include Kaplan’s SAT-Score Raising Dictionary, Geoff Martz’s Reading and Writing Workout for the SAT and Princeton Review’s 11 Practice Tests for the New SAT & PSAT and Barron’s books. The Official SAT Subject Tests in Mathematics Levels 1 & 2 Study Guide (TM) and The Official SAT Subject Tests in U.S. and World History Study Guide (TM) are also found to be extremely helpful.

All these books have their distinctive strategies of handling the SAT sections, molding the students with the right advice, attitude and test taking strategies. Preparation and practice for the test are therefore made easy. Hence, SAT aspirants ought to make use of these books effectively and fine-tune their skills for cracking the exam.