SAT Practice Book

How to Select a SAT Practice Book

A SAT practice book is a must-have for students aspiring to appear for the SAT test. Books are the most popular amongst the available SAT material. They are your indispensable source of knowledge for preparing for SAT. Although there are numerous options available in the market, you must ensure that you select the right books to guide you in your preparation. Sites, such as and, usually stock SAT material in the form of hard copies; for example, The Official SAT Study Guide, Cracking the SAT, and so on.

A SAT practice book can be a boon if selected properly. Searching for a SAT practice book can be an overwhelming affair, especially with the books flooded in the market; you will be spoilt for choice. However, you need to make sure that you buy books that will be relevant for you and will be useful to you as you prepare for SAT. Some of the popular SAT practice books are discussed in this article.

The Official SAT Study Guide

The Official SAT study Guide by CollegeBoard is the best and most popular SAT practice book. It is a must-have for every student preparing for the SAT test. It is the hub of information for SAT and includes all the information a student can want. In addition to study material, the SAT practice book includes eight practice tests you can use to practice under test conditions. In order to check your scores, you can access the score report on the official website and use the conversion table to calculate your raw scores into scaled scores. The Official SAT practice book also provides guidance on tackling and answering questions. It advises about the concepts tested in Math and how you should approach such questions. Each question type is followed by practice tests for that question type. Moreover, you can receive a free online score report after taking the full-length test and access the explanations for the answers.

Cracking the SAT

Cracking the SAT by Princeton Review is another popular SAT practice book you can use to prepare for the SAT test. This SAT test book is well researched, which is evident from the language used in the book. The book is written in simple English that is easy to read and understand. As a result, you can easily understand difficult concepts. The SAT test book also uses innovative methods to explain concepts, such as pictures.

Kaplan SAT Premier Program

The Kaplan SAT Premier Program book comes with a CD-ROM. You can download audio sessions in case you want to listen to the lessons. The book includes a diagnostic practice test at the beginning in order to know your level of preparedness and how much you need to progress. Each chapter also includes information about how much you have progressed by completing the earlier chapters. The SAT practice book also includes advice on how to study.

McGraw-Hill’s SAT

This SAT practice book is particularly useful for increasing your skills in answering questions in the verbal section. The SAT practice book includes a reading list that you can use to improve your reading comprehension skills. The SAT practice book also includes index cards that test the writing skills and math formulae. The book includes diagnostic tests, full-length practice tests, and sample essay topics. The SAT practice book lucidly explains each part of the essay; beginning from the first paragraph to the concluding paragraph, and provides tips and strategies on writing an effective essay. It also provides tips on constructing sentences. The book provides enough practice or sample topics you can use to write essays and hone your skills. The book also includes sample essays that have scored 5 or 6 that you can study to perfect your own style of writing.

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