Online SAT Practice

Online Sat Practice

Before you start with online practice for SAT, you need to be aware of a few things. Firstly, you should look for free sources of practice. Explore all options before you go in for paid online practice. It is not necessary that all free online sources are useless and on the other hand it is not necessary that all paid sources of online practice are worthwhile. Ensure that you only go in for those paid sources online that are recommended by someone. Besides, any source you pick for online practice for SAT should contain enough information and good questions along with scoring schemes and answer keys.

SAT Practice for Critical Reading

This section tests your reading skills and how well you understand what you read. This section is administered in 3 parts. Here you have multiple-choice questions of 2 types: sentence-completion questions and passage-based reading questions. Firstly you should understand what type of questions these sections have, how many questions are asked, what skills need to be practiced and how much time is allotted to each section. You can take practice sample questions and appear for mock tests. Try to answer the comprehension's and also some grammar exercises. While practicing the SAT sample questions, you will notice your weaknesses. You can devote more time to overcome those weaknesses. While practicing for this section you are required to read what ever you can get, from newspapers to literature. You must also try to gather more knowledge about things happening around you and increase your vocabulary.

SAT Practice for Writing

The writing section analyzes your writing abilities, ability to communicate and express your views and also the application of your knowledge. It is again divided into 3 parts with separate time slots. You have multiple-choice questions on improving sentences, improving paragraphs and identifying sentence errors. Apart from this you also have an essay-writing question.

For practice of such questions, you must pick up a topic on your own and write about it. This will initiate your flow of ideas. You can practice the essay questions, which have previously appeared in the test. You also need to practice grammar exercises for this section, as it requires a lot of logic and reasoning. You must make it a habit to practice grammar and it should be one of the daily drills that you undertake at the time of practice.

SAT Practice For Mathematics

The Mathematics section tests your skill in algebra, geometry, arithmetic etc. This section also has 3 parts. In these three parts, you can get multiple choice questions as well as grid in questions.

For a subject like mathematics, you need a lot of sample questions. You must solve and reason out any and every question that you come across. For practice of this section you can practice all types of questions and time yourself up for it. This way you can practice and improve your speed.

Useful Links for SAT Practice

You can follow the following links while practicing for SAT.

  • You can follow the link for free SAT practice. You can get sample tests that will help in practicing for the exam. By appearing for such practice tests, you can check your answers and your score. Thus you get a judgment of where you stand and what you need to rehearse.
  • is another link where you can find numerous practice tests for practicing SAT.
  • is another similar link that can come in handy.

There are various books available online where you can get information about SAT and the ways to practice for it. Following are some links to the best books.


Here you can also find reviews written by people who have read these books. This will give you an idea of the popularity and usefulness of the book. You can read the description of these books and choose the one that suits your requirements the best. These books can be purchased or

You can get nothing without working hard for it. And once you put in your best, any obstacle can be overcome. Thus a sincere effort will never go waste and will surely bear fruit.

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