Practice is a part of preparation through which you repeatedly perform a systematic exercise in order to gain proficiency. Practice before any exam helps you to know the procedure and rules of the exam before hand. It is a rehearsal of the final show before you actually go for it. And if you are prepared for it, you can face it with confidence.

Practice is specific to the exam you appear for. SAT practice also involves study in certain areas, which are specific to SAT exam. The SAT practice for the exam depends on the curriculum of SAT, the style of the paper and the type of questions asked in it. With extensive SAT practice you will surely go better prepared for the exam. This makes you familiar with the exam and you will know what is expected from it. It is always easier to appear for the exam if you know its background and if you have practiced enough for it. SAT practice makes you focused and sharpens your test taking skills.

Tips for SAT Practice

SAT practice needs a devotion of at least 3 months before the test. You should put in fixed hours of study in your daily routine. Also you must prepare a weekly timetable of sorts to plan for the preparation. This way you can make sure to give sufficient time to each aspect of the test. For the initial few weeks you can start easy, just to warm up for the coming weeks of thorough SAT practice. Once the week long practice ends, give a day to revise what you have learnt in the whole week.

In this daily routine, you must include learning at least 5 new words daily, practicing mock tests, writing essays and reading comprehension's. Also you should solve grammar exercises and mathematical problems regularly. This will help you in making your basics strong and with a strong base you can think logically for the solutions. It is not enough to just gather the study material and pile it up on your desk. Having all the reference material at your hand is beneficial but practicing it to gain mastery over it should be your aim of SAT practice. Only then will the reference material be of any use. And a daily drill is the best way to practice. It is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. So for perfection, there are no short cuts.

There are many resources that can help you to gain more practice. You can attend classes for SAT where qualified professionals guide you through the practice. This is particularly useful since it gives you the comfort of studying in a classroom. Besides getting personal attention you get to know the problems your fellow candidates face in preparation and how they overcome them. There are coaching classes, where you may not join the class, but may just attend the practice tests in order to judge your performance. Here you can also get feedback of your performance. You can find a number of web sites that offer free online help. There are free sample tests and practice sessions that you can benefit from. Some web sites require registration that can be done for a small amount. There are special softwares as well as books for practice that are available in the market. With a wide variety of study material available around you, your task of hunting something for yourself is reduced. Thus you can just choose your method, select the suitable material and straightaway start with SAT practice.

For SAT practice the best way is to plan out your task much before registering. For this you must be familiar with the structure of the SAT. This is important for you because it gives you information about the format of the test, syllabus covered in the different sections, the type of questions asked, time given to each section etc. This way you will even know what your weaknesses are and where you need to polish your skills.

Structure of SAT

SAT Reasoning Test is divided into 3 sections: Critical reading, Writing and Mathematics. All the 3 sections are further divided into 3 parts each, with specific questions and time allotted for them. There is a fourth section called the experimental section which is the same as any one of the above 3 sections, thus is just a repetition. But this section does not count in the final score. Apart from this test, you have a SAT Subject based test, which is a test of your knowledge of subjects like languages, science, history etc. When we refer to SAT we generally refer to SAT Reasoning Test.

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