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Viewing SAT Score Online

SAT score can be obtained online within 3 weeks of the test. For this you need to have an account opened in the official web site of SAT. This is a free online SAT facility that is provided to you. The online SAT result offers you to understand the result in a detailed manner. It helps you to know how many of your answers were answered correctly and how many were not. Also it tells you the number of un-attempted questions. All this is done through the online SAT account, where you get a user name and password. It helps you to know your performance in the different sections of the SAT Reasoning Test separately. You are also given information about percentiles in a more comparative way for you to make a judgment of your performance. It is also possible to get the response of the written essay printed.

By the online SAT score report, you can view your result at any time and from anywhere. This makes it very accessible. It is the fastest way to receive your result.

Sending SAT Online Score

You can send your score to colleges as well as scholarship programs through this feature of online SAT services. You can send the score to four colleges for free. If you need to send the SAT score to more than four colleges, you can do so by paying the fee required for it. This is the easiest way to send any additional score. For this also you need to sign into your personal SAT account. It takes about four weeks for your SAT score to be sent after you have requested for it. However one more week can be taken by the colleges to process your request. Once you have made a request for sending the score to the colleges, it cannot be cancelled, so you must be careful while selecting. You can review and confirm your request by online SAT means as well.

You are also given the opportunity of sending your SAT report earlier than the normal four weeks. This is done by the online SAT service called Rush Reporting. This service sends the score within two working days after processing the request. Rush Reports are useful for you in case you are late to send your score to the colleges and it cannot be sent by the normal method before the deadline set by the college is over. This service can be availed by payment of additional fees, which can be paid through credit cards.

SAT online services are specially designed to make them user friendly. It is thus the most convenient and quick means, which caters to many needs. The online SAT service is the best way to familiarize someone about SAT who is not very well informed about it. Thus online SAT services are not just a mode of information, but it guides you through the long journey which starts from test preparation right up to approaching the colleges.

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