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What are the Features of the SAT Official Website?

College Board is the organization that administers and scores SAT. SAT official website is also maintained by College Board and it is The SAT official website contains all the information you need regarding SAT, it also gives you all the tools and resources required for SAT preparation. Beginning with SAT registration and ending with sending your scores to colleges, SAT official website is a one-stop destination for all your SAT needs.

To begin using the SAT official website you have to log on to the above link and click on SAT, this will redirect you to College Board’s SAT homepage or you can directly start using it by clicking the link There are basically three types of features you can use on the SAT official website-

  • Features that visitors can use
  • Features that members can use
  • Features that you have to pay for

You can become a member on the site by simply signing up. The process is quite simple and doesn’t take much time either. Some of the best features that the SAT official website offers are discussed here.


It is a store-house of all the information you need on all aspects of SAT and the SAT subject tests. There are videos that describe the tests and give an overview of the essence of the tests. There is also an FAQ section, which will answer all your basic queries regarding the test. These include questions like “What is the best time to take the test?” “Which subject test should you take?” “Why should you take a subject test?” etc.


The complete registration process for SAT is online-based and it is done on the SAT official website. All the information about availability, dates, centers, payments, instructions and deadlines is available on the site. Information about provisions for special circumstances, fee waivers etc. during the registration process are also explained in detail.

The Official SAT Online Course

This is the only official mode of preparation available. It is a paid course but the fee is marginal ($69.95) and the quality of the course is excellent. The main advantage of this course is that it gives you an official prospective on all aspects of SAT. It also gives you the official test papers and practice material.

This tool is very interactive and prepares you for SAT in a very interesting way. It includes interactive lessons, personalized score reports, auto-essay scoring and much more.


The books available on the SAT official website include “The Official SAT Study Guide” and “The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests”. These books are exhaustive because they cover A-Z of SAT. The subject test guide includes materials on all 20 subject tests with detailed explanations and strategies.

Answers Imagined

This is a unique feature on the SAT official website that allows you to solve difficult problems in an innovative and different manner. This feature is free to everyone and it comes with a downloadable video that will take you through its working.

Skills Insight

This is the best tool to get a measure of your strengths and weaknesses. Here you are allowed to choose a score band (this could be your last score or if you haven’t taken SAT yet, begin with the lowest band) and a skill group which also depends on your score band. You can do this for each of the three sections. By answering a few sample questions, you will know immediately where you stand.

Question of the Day

As is evident from the name, this is a free tool that gives a question daily to solve. You can subscribe for this via e-mail. You also have the option of having a look at the questions from the previous days.


There are free materials and sample questions available for you to practice on the website. This also includes practice for subject tests in all the 20 subjects and question papers for practice. If you have just started preparing, this is the best option for you because here you will get an idea of what to expect from SAT.

Study Plan

This tool will give you a complete study plan for your preparation based on three questions “Which test will you take?” “How many times have you taken it?” and “When will you take it?” This is a very useful tool if you find it difficult to make a schedule on your own.

Apart from these there are a few features related to scores which include “Score Choice”, “Online Score Report” etc. These will be helpful to you, after you have taken SAT. For more details on these features, visit the SAT official website.

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