Material for SAT Prep

For appearing the SAT, it is very important to collect relevant and enough test material. These materials should not be enough in terms of quantity but quality. You do not require a pile of books that are outdated or incomplete in any manner. Instead, the preparation material should be sufficient in itself. That means you must know how to make the most out of the minimum test material that you can get.

Features of Good Resources

It is Concise - Good test material is not too elaborate. It does not consist of useless detail and explanation. It is precise and to the point. Thus it does not involve waste of time and effort over useless explanations.

It is Complete - SAT preparation material should be complete in itself. It should consist of everything that is required for preparation.

It is Relevant - Whatever content the preparation material consists of should be relevant. Only then does it qualify as a useful study material. There can be books and other such materials whose content is not practical with respect to the test. Such materials should be discarded and only relevant material should be selected.

It is Up-to-date - Good material is up to date with all the latest changes and additions in the test. It is possible that there are some changes in the pattern, time allotted, subject matter etc. The preparation material for SAT should contain information about all such changes.

It is Supported by Enough Practice Materials - These consist of question banks, practice tests, exercises etc to help the student check and grade himself. Only such exercises can help you to know your level of preparation. These exercises help you to know your weaknesses and overcome them with practice for the same.

It is Free of Errors - Any data is useful only if it is correct. You can have confidence in the preparation material that you collect only if you are sure that it is clear and free of errors.

It is Popular - A good guide or book is always popular amongst students as well as teachers. Those who have already experienced the test know which books have been the most useful. This is how good material gains popularity.

Some Important SAT Resources

You can find a number of easily available sources for the preparation of SAT. They are available in the form of books, CDs and as well as websites that offer very useful preparation sources. Some of the best sources are as follows.

  1. The Official SAT Study Guide by The College Board - This is one of the most widely used books as a test material. Being an official source it is the most authentic and reliable source for preparation. The content is genuine and you can be sure that this book is the most updated book as a preparation material.

  2. Cracking the SAT, by Princeton Review - This book is also published by one of the most popular and renowned publishing houses. It is extremely popular amongst students.

  3. - The official website for SAT provides updated material. This is the official website of the College Board. It contains a number of practice tests. The difficulty level of these tests is very close to the ones that you can expect in the test.

  4. The Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests by The College Board - This book covers all the subjects of the SAT subject tests in order to give the required test practice.

  5. - This website offers test material in the form of sample tests on CD ROMs. It has information for complete test preparation.

  6. - This is another website that offers free practice material. The practice sample tests include questions of all sections along with preparation plans.

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