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What are SAT ii tests?

SAT ii tests are also called SAT Subject Tests, which test your knowledge on a specific subject. You must take the SAT ii tests in addition to the regular SAT test because it helps you to highlight your skill in a particular field of study. Taking the SAT ii tests helps you to choose a related course for higher study; for example, to opt for pre-medical courses, you can take the SAT ii test in Biology. The regular SAT test includes Writing, Critical Reasoning, and Math. The SAT ii tests are subject-specific and include questions only on the subject selected; for example, Math, History, Chemistry, or Biology. You can choose from the following range of subjects:

  • Literature
  • U.S. History or World History
  • Math Level 1 or Math Level 2
  • Biology/EM
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Languages
    • French or French with Listening
    • German or German with Listening
    • Spanish or Spanish with Listening
    • Modern Hebrew
    • Italian
    • Latin
    • Chinese with Listening
    • Japanese with Listening
    • Korean with Listenin

The SAT ii tests last for an hour; because of the duration of the test, you can take 2-3 tests in one test sitting. You can also change your choice of subject and the number of tests you want to take in one sitting. The tests are in multiple-choice format. However, there may be subject-specific questioning formats. For example, in Biology, laboratory and experiment-based questions are prevalent. Similarly, language tests with listening require equipment such as CD; Math tests require calculators.

Why SAT ii Tests are Good

Some colleges use the SAT ii test scores to place you in the right course; for a subject that interests you. It can also help you to select the right level of study for your course. Some colleges even consider the SAT ii test scores to grant aid or scholarships to students. Taking SAT ii tests is always a good idea because it allows you to display your strength in a specialized area. In this way, it allows you to get ahead of everyone else. Taking the SAT ii tests also helps you to demonstrate your academic abilities that will allow you to choose a course that interests you so that you can continue to the advanced level course.

Which SAT ii Test Should You Take

You can choose from 20 subjects to decide which SAT ii tests to take. Usually, it is best to take the test in a related subject that you can pursue in college. For example, a SAT ii test in Biology will be helpful if you plan to enrol in a pre-medical course whereas a test in Math would be helpful for pursuing an Engineering course. Usually it is a good idea to appear for more than one subject test. It is also important that the subjects interest you.

When Should You Appear

Depending on your preparedness for the test, you can register yourself for the test, but you will need to register early. For example, to take the test in November, you will need to register in October. More importantly, you will need to check a few things before deciding the date of your test. You will need to check the dates on which the tests are available. Although SAT ii tests are held six times in a year, not every subject is offered within the timeframe. The SAT ii tests are usually held the same day as the SAT test, so you will not be able to appear both tests simultaneously.

You will also need to check the college policies because many colleges prefer you to take the test during the October-November session of your senior year, although others use SAT scores during January. The best way to decide a date would be to talk to your school counsellor for guidance.

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