SAT ii Scores

How are SAT subject tests scored?

How SAT ii Scores are Important?

The SAT ii scores have multiple uses not only for the test takers while selecting advanced courses but also by counselors to direct students to choose the correct courses suitable for them and also the admission officers to have a view of the student’s capability for college courses. The test scores can be accessed online through the test-takers’ My SAT online account in College Board website, unless they specify earlier for receiving the score in paper format. A test taker receives his score after five weeks after the day of the exam. The test taker’s high school receives this score through internet, CD-ROM and/or on paper if requested. The admission officers later use these scores for judging several aspects of the test taker. They check properties of the test takers, like their aptitude in specific subjects, their similarity of scores with others applying for admission or evaluating the extent of success of the students.

What is the Method of Scoring of SAT ii Test?

The SAT ii scores are calculated by comparing your score with the scores of other test takers, from the last year’s college-bound senior class. This gives your average score. Your score is more of an approximate calculation than an exact measurement of your performance. The score range is used while measuring the student’s performance in SAT. The college admission officers ask for score ranges, to be included in the scores of a single applicant. They would rather prefer to admit students who have a broader range of scores. This, in other words is called the percentile rank of the test taker. This score comparison decides the admission chances of the test taker.

Following is the systematic picture of how the SAT ii scores are postulated:

  1. Computing the Raw Score:

    The Raw Score is calculated by summing up the total marks scored for correct answers from the total marks lost for the incorrect answers. One mark is awarded for each of the correct answers. A fraction of one mark is deducted for each wrong answer (1/4 for the five-choice multiple-choice answers, 1/3 for the four-choice multiple-choice answers and ½ for three-choice multiple-choice answers). You will not be penalized for questions left untouched. If the resultant raw score is a fraction, then it is rounded up to its nearest whole number.

  2. Converting Raw Score to Scaled Score:

    By the statistical process known as equating, transform RAW scores into scaled score. This scaled score is calculated on a scale of 200-800 point. This ensures that a student’s score is not judged based on how well the others performed in the same edition of the test.

How are SAT ii Subscores Calculated?

The SAT ii scores also have a Subject Test subscores in order to calculate the total SAT ii scores. However, the separate contribution of these subscores is not the same. They differ in their calculation in listening, reading and usage.

How is the Score Quality Maintained?

Your SAT test is machine scored. This means that a calculating machine is used while calculating the SAT ii scores. In order to ensure least chances of errors, it is your responsibility to make the least number of mistakes. Following are some points which you should keep in mind while taking the SAT ii test:

  • Use a no.2 pencil and a soft eraser. Avoid the usage of pen or mechanical pencils.
  • Make a note of filling up the whole circle for answering as darker as possible.
  • In case you need to change your response, rub the darkened circle completely or as much possible.

When and How will you get the Scores?

Conventionally, a student receives his SAT ii score within five weeks after the day of the SAT test. However, those candidates who have an online My SAT online account in the College Board website can know their dates of scores within a week and a half. You can get your SAT ii scores by mail if you specified it in your paper registration form. Your SAT ii scores are sent to four colleges of your choice without fee. You can send your subject scores for colleges and scholarship programs.

In the above discussion, you learnt about the way the SAT ii scores are calculated, how they are sent to and how to check your SAT ii scores. However, you may have a doubt about your SAT ii scores. In that case, there are methods to verify if you have any questions about your score.

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