SAT ii Registration

How, When and Where to Register for SAT II?

SAT ii tests are subject tests that are taken by students to display strengths in specific subject areas. They are five subject areas of English, Mathematics, History, Science and Languages that contribute to make 20 subject tests. The SAT ii registration is much like the SAT registration process. A comprehensive schedule of the SAT ii test papers is available at . If you are to appear for the test outside the USA you should refer to the international testing schedule. There are three methods to register for the SAT ii exams.

Online registration

It is the quickest to register for the SAT ii tests online as you receive an immediate confirmation for your seat at the testing center and also online access to your admissions ticket. You can make the necessary changes to your ticket should there be any mistakes. You also receive an online College Board account by means of which you can check your scores online. You will also require a credit card to register online to pay the fee for the test. A list of SAT ii registration dates is available at

Mail Registration

SAT ii registrations can also be made by mail. Students who provide an email address on the form receive their admission ticket by email. Those who mention that they would like a paper ticket or others who do not provide an email address receive their SAT ii admission tickets by mail. Details about deadlines for SAT ii registrations by mail and also testing dates and centers can be found on the above mentioned website link. Some applicants are directed to apply by mail depending on their locations or additional requirements due to disabilities or extenuating circumstances.

Registrations by phone

Students who are re-taking the SAT ii test can register by phone. An additional fee of $15 per call is chargeable for SAT ii registrations by phone. You will require a credit card to pay for the testing fee if you are registering over the phone.

Important Pointers SAT ii registrationscost $22 per subject test, an additional $22 per language test with listening tests and $11 for all other subject tests. For instance, if a candidate decides to take Math 2 and Spanish with listening he would pay $22 towards SAT ii registration, $11 towards Math2 as additional charge towards non-language with listening test and $22 for Spanish with listening towards charge for language with listening test. Additional fees are applicable for additional services like scores over the phone and student-answer-service. To read about fees and charges for the same visit Students testing internationally are also charged an extra fee.

You do not receive refunds of SAT ii registration fees. This means that you will not be refunded you registration fee, late fee or phone registration fee. If you ordered for additional score reports, you will receive a refund if you cancel your scores or if you are absent. You can receive a refund for the Student-Answer-Service if you ordered for it and it was not processed in time or if you were absent for the test.

Test takers can also choose to receive their scores over the phone. It costs $15 per call. Scores are available over the phone three weeks after the test date. You can gauge about when you will receive you scores when you have picked a test date while completing your SAT ii registration. To receive your scores over the phone you will need your registration number from your admission ticket, birth date and credit card details.

There are exceptions for SAT ii registration modes in some locations. You should read about the regulations and guidelines carefully before making a registration. Credit card payments are not accepted in Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria or Togo. Please visit the website and read about all other exceptions.

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