SAT ii Chemistry

Everything You Want To Know About SAT ii Chemistry Test

SAT is a standardized test in the areas of critical reading, math and writing. These areas are the basics taught to all students irrespective of their backgrounds. This is the reason why SAT is the benchmark for almost all colleges during their admission process. A combination of your SAT scores and high school grades can predict your success at college level.

Apart from the main SAT, there are SAT subject tests known as SAT ii. These are offered in streams of language, literature, history, science and math. These tests help you showcase your domain knowledge and they are recommended by most colleges. SAT ii Chemistry comes under the science stream along with Physics and Biology.

What is Tested

SAT ii Chemistry basically tests your conceptual understanding and your ability to apply scientific principles in a practical scenario. The main areas you need to concentrate on are data analysis and interpretation, solving word problems, ratios and exponents, scientific notations, basic algebra, laboratory work and metric system of units. These are the areas beyond your actual chemistry knowledge. The following classification of skills and marks will give you a better idea-

  • Fundamental concepts and knowledge- 20%
  • Applications of knowledge- 45%
  • Synthesis of knowledge- 35%

From these numbers it is evident that application based questions are the most important for SAT ii Chemistry, therefore it is essential that you have sufficient practice in the laboratory as well as in the classroom.


The scoring pattern for SAT ii Chemistry is similar to the main SAT. It consists of 85 multiple choice questions marked on a scale of 200-800. The duration of the test is one hour. Also note that you will have to be very quick here because the duration of the test very is short. The scoring procedure for SAT ii Chemistry is as follows-

  • If you get an answer correct, you will get a +1 on your overall score.
  • 1/4 is deducted for each incorrect 5-choice question, 1/3 for each incorrect 4-choice question and 1/2 for each incorrect 3-choice question.
  • No points are deducted for leaving a question.

Topics To Prepare

The distribution of topics and their corresponding marks for SAT ii Chemistry is as follows-



Structure of Matter


States of Matter


Reaction Types




Equilibrium and Reaction Rates




Descriptive Chemistry





The best way to prepare for SAT ii Chemistry is available on the College Board site Once you register at this site, you have access to many resources like “The Official Guide For All Subject Tests”, “The Official SAT Online Course” and other free preparation materials. The important things needed to take the Chemistry test are-

  • A minimum of one year of study at high school level
  • A detailed knowledge of basic mathematics required i.e. algebra, ratios and exponents
  • Sufficient practical experience in the laboratory

Important Notes

  • SAT ii Chemistry is offered during October, November, December, January, May and June.
  • Calculator is not permitted since it only requires simple calculations.
  • All units will be in metric system.
  • Periodic table of elements will be provided.

SAT ii Chemistry is an important aspect if you want to apply for admission in this field. Even if a college doesn’t mention it explicitly, they will consider it during the processing of your application.

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