SAT Exam Results

Where, When and How are SAT Exam Results Declared?

SAT exam is a basic requirement to gain admission in colleges or universities in the United States of America. It is a standardized examination that tests the skills and abilities of applicants. SAT exam results or SAT scores play an important role in the admissions process as a high SAT score helps to increase the chances of admission to colleges and universities. Therefore, it is good to be aware of what the SAT exam results are all about.

  • SAT Structure:

    In order to interpret the SAT exam results, it is important to first understand the SAT test pattern. The SAT consists of two tests, SAT I and SAT II. A candidate has the option of taking both the tests or just SAT I as per the requirements of the college he or she has applied to. While SAT I is a basic reasoning test, SAT II comprises of SAT Subject Tests in various subjects such as History, English literature, Science and Languages. SAT I consists of three major sections of Critical Reading, Critical Writing and Mathematics.

  • SAT Scoring:

    SAT exam results are given out on all three sections of SAT I namely Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The Critical Reading and Mathematics sections consist of multiple choice questions with an option of five answers out of which only one is correct. The Writing section consists of multiple choice questions followed by an essay. Each of the major sections of Critical Reading, Writing and Mathematics is scored within a range of 200 to 800. There are two sub scores for the writing section, one for the multiple choice questions and the other for the essay question. For each correct answer, one point is awarded and for each incorrect answer, one-fourth of a point is deducted.

    At first, individual points are calculated for every section. These raw points are later converted to the corresponding score in the range of 200 to 800. Multiple choice questions in both the critical reading and mathematics sections carry a score range of 20 to 80 points. The essay in the writing section has a different grading procedure. It is scored by two examiners who read the essay and mark it in the range of 1 to 6. The scores from both the examiners are added to give a score between 2 and 12 which is later converted to a score in the range of 200 to 800 for the writing section.

  • SAT Score Report:

    SAT exam results are available as a score report containing the cumulative scores of all the SAT exams taken in previous years. It is a comprehensive report consisting of the following:

    - Marks attained in each section,
    - Number of correct and incorrect answers,
    - Percentile
    - The score range.

    The reported percentile helps to give an idea of where the candidate stands. A 90 percentile would mean that the candidate has fared better than 90 percent of the total number of candidates who appeared for the SAT exam. The percentile provides a comparison of the performance of a candidate with that of others. The SAT exam results also contain information about the difficulty level of the questions asked in the examination. In case of SAT subject tests, a separate percentile for each of the subject tests taken is provided.

  • When and Where are SAT Exam Results Available:

    SAT exam results are available after an approximate time of three weeks on the official website. The written test results are made available after about five weeks and are sent by mail at the address of the candidate and to up to four colleges as requested by the candidate.

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