SAT Exam Registration

SAT Exam Registration Simplified!

SAT is administered and owned by the College Board, which is a non-profit organization and has its headquarters in the USA. The College Board runs an official website for SAT at the link:

You can find every information regarding the SAT, its test content, registration details and modes etc in the official website of SAT. Furthermore, you can register for the SAT directly from the official website. However, there are other modes of registration too that you can avail.

SAT Exam Registration

SAT exam registration can be made by one of the following mentioned procedures. The SAT exam registration procedures to be followed by students from the USA include SAT exam registration online, registration by phone or by mail. You can register for SAT by phone only by paying an additional fee specified by them on the website. For more detailed instructions, you can visit the following link for a better idea:

The students hailing from all the countries other than USA have to register through a SAT international representative, instead of registering by phone. They can, however, register online or by mail. You can find more detailed instructions regarding the SAT exam registration procedures for international students at the following link:

How to Register for SAT Test in a Simple Way?

Maximum number of registrations for SAT happens online. Even, the College Board advises the students that online SAT exam registration is the safest, fast and accurate method of registering for SAT. Hence, let us know in detail about how to proceed for online SAT exam registration.

Online SAT Exam Registration

  • You can start your SAT exam registration process from the following link:

  • The above page asks you to either ‘sign up’ or ‘sign in’. If you are new to this, you will need to sign up or else, you will need to sign in.
  • Clicking on sign up will lead to a page where you will have to enter all your personal information and then submit.
  • You will be asked to verify the information that you have provided and then you will be created with the account.
  • You can then sign in to your account to register for SAT Reasoning Test as well as the SAT Subject Tests as many times as you wish to apply. Furthermore, you can manage your college lists you wish to apply for from your account.
  • For SAT exam registration, you will need to choose the date and then register for it. But before that you will have to update your personal profile, build a college list and then select test and center details and then checkout by paying the stated fees there.
  • This way, you will be done with the online SAT exam registration.
  • On a particular testing date, you can register for upto three SAT Subject Tests which are timed for one hour each.

Registration by Phone or Mail

Registering by mail is sometimes very essential for the candidates because of the following reasons:

  • Payment by money order or check.
  • Registering for a Sunday testing.
  • Requesting for a test center to be opened near to you.
  • If you are hailing from Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo">Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo or Kenya

Registration by phone can only be made by the candidates who already have a previous registration because SAT exam registration by phone is only for retaking the test. You can search for the test centers of your choice from the College Board’s interactive feature called as the “Student Code Search”. So, select the test center that is closest to you and then register for the test.

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