SAT Exam Prep

10 Steps for Excellent SAT Exam Prep

Your SAT exam prep must be coupled with dedication and commitment. You must be very strict and punctual throughout your SAT exam prep process. Explained below are 10 important steps for you to make your SAT exam prep process a worthy journey.

  1. Take a Diagnostic Test

    Before you start your SAT exam prep, you need to analyze yourself in terms of test taking abilities. This can be possible with a diagnostic test. After taking the diagnostic test, analyze the whole test paper to understand your strengths and weaknesses. This will help you estimate the need for your extra effort.

  2. Understand the Whole Syllabus and Plan Test Dates

    You can know the test pattern of the SAT from your diagnostic test itself. But, understanding the whole syllabus of SAT requires quite a bit of research on your part. You can visit the official website of the SAT and know about the test syllabus of SAT. This will help you estimate the time you would require for SAT exam prep thus helping you to decide the test date.

  3. Allot Time to Your Strengths and Weaknesses

    This is the more important part of your SAT exam prep. Make sure that you divide your SAT exam prep time according to your need. Allot more time for covering your weaknesses and a bit of less time for improving your strengths.

  4. Be Fast and Consistent

    SAT is all about being fast and accurate. You can solve the SAT paper if you would be given 5 hours. But, you will be given only three-hours and forty-five minutes. So, it is all about being fast and consistent. You need to be fast, at the same time being consistent. This can be achieved right from day one of your SAT exam prep.

  5. Attend a Tutorial if Needed

    If you feel that you can alone manage SAT exam prep, then you better be confident and unflinching in your effort. But, if you really feel that you need a good and strong support to boost your skills, then hit some good prep institute to improve your SAT exam prep.

  6. Follow a Good SAT Guide

    You cannot crack SAT without a good SAT guide no matter how intelligent you are. You need to follow a good SAT study guide throughout your SAT exam prep process to gain more test taking skills, strategic tips to improve your overall performance.

  7. Practice a Lot

    This step of your SAT exam prep will help you achieve your targets. Reading books and study materials will only help you gain knowledge but will not help you gain test taking abilities. You will have to practice a lot. Practicing a lot will help you know your mistakes and manage your time. Hence, the more you practice, the faster and more consistent you can be.

  8. Take Mock Tests

    Taking Mock SAT tests helps you a lot in understanding the SAT test paper in a broader way. You can be very much accustomed to all the testing sections of the SAT. For those attending coaching institutes for SAT exam prep, mock tests would be administered in the institute itself but for those who prepare by self, they must take special interest in taking as many mock SAT tests as they can.

  9. Improve Your Scores

    For every test you take, try to improve your score successively. Set your own targets and then try to achieve them continuously.

  10. Keep Cool on the Day of SAT

    On the day of your examination, keep yourself cool and confident. Do not get tensed. Keep focused and try to act fast on a question. Do not waste your time on any particular question if you cannot solve it. Answer correctly and leave a question if you are not sure of its answer because SAT comprises of negative marking.

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