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The World Wide Web provides a world of information to a person, literally speaking. Many a times, reading up on all the SAT exam information available can be quite a task especially for younger people like school children who are looking for quick and precise information on competitive exams. Knowing too much of too many things can be tiresome and time-consuming. Time is of value to a high-school student, who is balancing both school work and exam prep, and he/she seeks out information which will be to the point and relevant.

The following article is an attempt at providing exactly that kind of information to an applicant which he/she will find maximum use of. A brief, but pertinent overview of SAT exam information is what you will read about below.


Popularly known as the Scholastic aptitude Test, the SAT has been in the business of shaping academic futures for high-school students since 1926. It is regarded as an astute indicator of an applicant’s college ‘readiness’ and is representative of his/her capability to apply skills learnt at the school level. As part of the SAT exam information, it is necessary for applicants to know that this three hours 45 minutes test administered 7 times a year is not the only marker of their excellence at school. It is only a part of the package of GPA, extra-curricular activities, creative/intellectual talent or merit in sports that admission committees consider for entry into a college/university.


The SAT Reasoning Test is administered 7 times a year, one time more than the SAT Subject Tests, and deadlines usually end a month in advance of all test dates. Of the two methods of registration, which are by mail or online, the latter is more popular with applicants because of its convenience and swiftness. Almost every school-going student has access to a computer or finds it easier to negotiate on; therefore the popularity of the online method of registration (although online registration is reserved for candidates above 13 years of age). Another method of registering is via the phone, but this attracts an additional fee from the applicant, over the normal registration fee for the SAT, and is applicable only in case of registering for a retest.

SAT exam information regarding how to register can be attained from the College Board website, which has multiple tabs which direct applicants to all the SAT exam information they need.


During the registration process, either via mail or online, applicants are expected to fill out their test center choice with the help of school codes available on the College Board website or in the SAT Paper Registration Guide. Test centers are spread out across the globe and the SAT is usually conducted in high-schools. A good advice for applicants is that when they get a test center, they must go and visit it at least once before the exam and find alternate routes to the center, in case they get stuck in a jam on test date. They must also try and reach the test center 45 minutes in advance to finish the initial formalities and paper work well in time.


Administered 7 times a year, the SAT Reasoning Test is a lengthy test of almost 4 hours and demands proper preparation before being attempted. Therefore, applicants are advised to select test dates carefully, keeping in mind when exactly they intend to enter college. Having this date in mind they must then work at least 6-7 months backwards and choose the test date so that they have ample time for preparation both for the SAT and for their college entrance applications. According to the official SAT exam information for the year 2012, 4 test dates are out, falling on January 28, March 10, May 5 and June 2. Often school students take the SAT for the first time in the spring of their junior year to figure out how they stand and what all they need to focus on, before taking it the final time in the summer of their senior year.

The College Board, a not-for-profit organisation in the US, has been running and developing the SAT since a long time. Keeping up with times, it also has a dedicated website for applicants who wish to know about the SAT exam information and other information related to college and life after it.

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