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The Ideal SAT Exam Date for You

No one gets a second chance to make a first impression, but they surely can get a second chance to get a good score. Such is the truth with an ideal SAT exam date as well, with most students appearing twice for the SAT so that they can be well prepared the second time and aim to improve their score from the previous try. Choosing your SAT exam date is a decision you need to take much before you appear for the SAT and almost a year and a half before you finally plan to enter undergraduate study in a college. Ideally you should work backwards, with the deadline for college admissions as your target. As you would be required to hand in essays as part of your admission applications you would obviously need time to prepare for those as well. Prep time for the SAT and college application deadline are two factors that should guide your decision on choosing an ideal SAT exam date. The SAT, which is administered 7 times a year, with January, March, May and June being a few of the months in 2012 when the SAT will be administered, aspirants have enough time to prepare their schedule and choose their ideal SAT exam date.

When to take the SAT exam

The SAT score is a key element towards deciding whether or not you will be able to join the college or university of your choice. Therefore, deciding on your SAT exam date becomes all the more important in the light of this fact. Often students appear for the SAT twice or thrice. Once in the spring of their junior year or in the summer and then finally in October, that is the fall of their senior year at school. The reason students pick more than one SAT exam date is because it ensures that they are well aware of the format, structure and content of the exam before they appear for it finally, so that these aspects do not become a hindrance in attaining a good score. Needless to say it also renders them well-worn to withstand the timed factor of the test, as the SAT is a precise exam and every section has to be completed in a particular time frame. Say for example, if you intend to join college by January/February of a year then appearing for the SAT in July and November of the previous year is a good idea.

Key Considerations

The key considerations while choosing the ideal SAT exam date should be the amount of time you need to prepare for the SAT and the deadlines for your choicest college/universities.

  • Prep time for the SAT exam: An 8-15 week prep time should be suitable to students of all capabilities, because this kind of time will not put extra pressure on the students’ school study and yet ensure they put in enough study hours towards their SAT prep. Often prep companies have similar study periods for students, as they too keep in mind that students hardly ever take an off from regular school to prepare for the SAT. They need to balance both school work and SAT prep at the same time. Even if it is for the first time that a student is appearing for the SAT, say in the spring of their junior year at school, the student needs to be well prepared.
  • College Application Deadline: Having taken ample time to prepare for the SAT, the other key consideration while choosing the SAT exam date is the deadline for your college/universities applications. If you intend to be in college by the fall (September/October) session, then the deadlines are most likely to be from April to June, which might give you the opportunity to appear for the SAT a second/third time in July/August before you finally enter college (you can also mention this on your admission application letter). Planning is the operative word here, and this should begin a year and a half before the student intends to join college.

Ideal SAT Test Date

After having considered all of the above, a student can easily gather that an ideal SAT test date is all dependant on how well he/she is prepared and when are the application deadlines for his/her choicest colleges. A 15 week preparatory period, along with five-six months time to sit for the SAT twice at least and keeping ample 3-4 weeks to prepare for the college application essays, it is safe to say that a year is a good enough time for the student to gauge and measure his capabilities on finally choosing his/her ideal SAT test date. The College Board website offers students an interesting game plan to prepare and schedule their SAT test date. Have a look at it at .

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