Points To Consider While Choosing A SAT Test Center

SAT test centers also provide you certain other facilities. Even if you miss the registration deadline you can take the test on the assessment day. However, this is not possible every time. It depends on the availability of seat, materials and staff at the test center. You need to check out from the center whether they can accommodate you or not. This is called standby testing. You need to fill in the registration form and submit it at the center along with the fees. Standby registration is charged extra. It is guided by certain rules and regulations. You must read and understand them before attempting to take it. For example, it is not allowed for Language Test with Listening. You are also advised to reach the center before 7.45 am to complete the procedure before the examination starts.

SAT Exam Center Administration

The exam is designed and administered by the US College Board Corporation. Since this is taken by thousands of students from around the world, it becomes a Herculean task to manage fair and foolproof conduct at hundreds of assessment centers. Therefore, the organizers of test have set strict standards for the administration of the exam. Every test center is selected based on certain guidelines. Some of the guidelines are listed below:

  • The test center has to have an affiliation with an educational institution.
  • It should have adequate facilities to accommodate a large group of test takers.
  • It should be secure to protect the test materials.
  • The location of the test center should facilitate a large group of test takers from a particular region.

Organizing a SAT Exam Center

The official web site ( www.collegeboard.com ) provides information to the professionals as well as those who would like to be associated with the conduct of the exam. If you wish to organize a center then you can find all information in this regard from the web site mentioned above. As mentioned in the previous paragraph you need to provide adequate space and security arrangements for the conduct of the examination. Along with this you need to appoint qualified staff. Some of the requirements on the part of supervisory staff are as follows:

  • Good command over English.
  • Experience of working for an educational institute.
  • Should not have taken this test in last six months.
  • Should not have any relative taking the test at the same exam center.

The official web site of exam also gives you the requirements in terms of facilities that must be provided there. These requirements are necessary for a peaceful, free and fair conduct of the exam.

The College Board web site explains the duties of a test center supervisor in brief. You will also find instructions for the test organizers for the special cases of the exam like providing SSD (Services for Students with Disabilities) accommodation to the eligible students and conduct of Standby Testing. If you wish to organize a center, you need to contact Test Administration Services (TAS), an organization supervising the test administration. You can contact TAS by email at tas@ets.org or call up on (800) 257-5123 or (609) 771-7788. The correspondence address is given below:

The College Board SAT Program

P.O. Box 6200

Princeton, NJ 08541-6200.

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