SAT Exam Application

SAT Exam Application Process

SAT is a standard entrance test recognized by various colleges across the USA for admission process into undergraduate courses they offer. You can register for SAT in many ways depending upon the place you hail from and of course your convenience. SAT exam application process is being made easy and convenient for students to apply. There are different ways a student can register for SAT.

SAT Exam Application Process

The SAT exam application process differs slightly for the students hailing from the USA and the rest of the students who hail from other parts of the world except the USA. The following are the SAT exam application processes by which a student can apply for SAT. They include SAT exam application online, by mail or by phone (only for the candidates hailing from the US). The candidates who do not hail from the USA cannot avail registrations by phone. Instead, there is another SAT exam application procedure which facilitates the student to apply through an international SAT representative apart from SAT exam application online or by mail.

How to Apply for SAT?

Online: Theonline SAT exam application process is the quickest, easiest and the safest method for applying for SAT. You will have to first sign up with the official website by providing your personal information and then you will be allotted with a dedicated account called as “My SAT Account”. Later on, you can sign in to that account and can register for as many tests as you want to. You can even manage your college lists and college applications. You can register for SAT online from the following link:

By Mail: SAT exam application by mail becomes necessary sometimes due to the following mentioned reasons. If you wish to

  • Pay by money order or check.
  • Register for a Sunday testing.
  • Request for a test center to be opened near to you.
  • If you are hailing from Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo or Kenya Kenya.
  • If your age is below 13 yrs, then you must avail the process of SAT exam application by mail.

You can find more information regarding the registrations by mail at the link:

On the above mentioned link, you will have a detailed explanation regarding the applications.

By Phone: Registrations by phone can be availed only by the candidates who have already got registered for a test. Registrations by phone are permitted only if you wish to retake a test. Registrations by phone are charged with a fee.

SAT Exam Application through an SAT International Representative

You can apply for the SAT through this procedure if you are hailing from any country other than the USA. To apply for SAT through a SAT international representative, you must first get The Paper Registration Guide for the SAT and the SAT Subject Tests, then completely fill in the paper Registration Form and then enclose it in the envelope provided in the above said guide.

The following link provides you with The Paper Registration Guide.

You will be provided with a blank field in which you will have to fill in with the appropriate contact information of the SAT Representative and paste it on the envelope as per the instructions. In the registration booklet, you will be mentioned with the accepted payment methods from which you need to choose one and proceed. It is important to note that the SAT Representatives do not accept credit card payments. Send the registration envelope to the office of the Representative so as to arrive before the early registration deadline as mentioned on the official website of the SAT.

Be very careful while you apply for the SAT whatsoever may be the SAT exam application process you prefer. You must be very cautious while entering your personal information and also while making the payments.

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