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SAT Registration

The registration for SAT exams should be done well in advance. You must book your dates at least 3 weeks before the SAT exams. For this you are required to fill up the forms and book a date as well as center for yourself. You can register for the SAT exams online, through international representatives, or through mails.

Online registration is available for 24 hours a day, where you can obtain the forms from the official web site. For this you need a credit card of Visa, Discover, American Express or Master Card. You can get immediate conformation of your registration. You can also print your SAT admission ticket, view your scores and send them on the web site.

Registration through international representatives is another option for those who are residing out of US. For this you must keep a check of the early registration deadline and register before it gets over.

Apart from this you can also register through mails, by obtaining the forms from the school councils. In the form you are given instructions on how the form has to be filled and also a return envelop. Again this registration should be done before time so that your mail reaches The College Board in time.

You can also put up your requests if any at the time of registration. That is, if you need to request for a test center to be made near to your hometown, you could write an application supporting your case. Also if due to your religion you are not able to appear for SAT exams on Saturdays, you can request to take the exams on Sundays

SAT Exam Fees

The basic fee for the registration of SAT exams is different for students in the US, which is $43, and different for international students, for whom it is an additional $25. The basic fee for a subject test is $20. A sum of $8 is added to the basic fees for each subject test.

A late fee is recovered for any registrations after the deadline. There is also a fine for any changes made in the date or center after the registration is done once.

Mode Of Payment

The fee for SAT exams must be paid in US dollars. The payment could be made in form of a cheque or money order payable to The College Board, or through credit cards. Fee in the form of cash is not accepted. The cheque's need to be drawn in US banks, thus cheque's drawn on non-US banks would be immediately returned.

No exam can measure all the aspects of a student's personality. But by taking into consideration all the factors, an exam can be designed so that it judges all students as fairly as possible. SAT exam proves to be such a yardstick that is here to stay unless a better system comes into existence.

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