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A majority of students are anxious about the SAT examinations, particularly the essay writing section. Undoubtedly, SAT is the most important gateway for securing admission to the undergraduate courses in United States. Writing SAT essays without suitable preparation can simply lead to disaster as far as earning good scores is concerned. On the other hand, an essay written ably can immediately capture the minds of the graders and help the students to attain winning scores in SAT. With only twenty five minutes allotted to write the essay, the students will only be able to make a mark if they are able to follow certain strategies and techniques while writing on a topic.

System of Grading for SAT Essays

There are two graders for SAT essays and the scores are allotted to the students on the basis of various factors such as the significance of the subject that is chosen along with the arrangement and the accuracy of the same. In addition to this, the graders would also examine whether the candidates have followed the instructions properly that have been provided as cue. However, the graders would not only be judging the candidates on these points but they will also view the entire essay and its presentation before allotting the scores. The SAT essay is out of twelve and reviewed by two graders wherein the scores range from one to six. If there is a difference of one point between the scores that are provided by the two graders, a third grader is brought in to finalize the scores or the grades.

SAT Essays - Basics

The best way to start off with the essay is to understand the cue properly. Before you start writing the essay while appearing for SAT examination, you should have a clear idea about the cue that is provided as it will allow you to tackle this section with greater efficiency and create the framework for getting a top score. Most of the students end up scoring unbelievably low in the section of writing SAT essays because they may not have understood the cue or they may not have read it properly. The trick is to read the cue thoroughly so that such mistakes can be avoided.

The significance of principle statement in SAT Essays

The SAT essays should comprise of a basic principle as this will indicate that the candidate has fully understood and complied with the cue and the grader will get a clear idea about the basic concept of the essay. As a matter of fact, it would be more useful if the students are able to use some of the words that are present in the cue in the principle statement of the essay. The beginning of the paragraph or the introduction should have a mention of the principle statement along with a synopsis of the fundamental concepts that would be present in the entire essay.

The length of SAT essays

Studies and research indicates that the students appearing for SAT should be particularly careful about the length of the essays that they are writing. For instance, an essay of around four hundred words would have an advantage over a short length write up. The essays should begin with an introduction along with a body and a conclusion. The body should constitute sentences arranged in the form of a paragraph and it is better to substantiate the statements with strong academic examples to make the SAT essays more impressive. It has also been observed that essays with personal connotations do not fetch as many marks compared to those that include academic references. The last paragraph or the conclusion should be presented like an abridged version of the entire essay. An interesting or amusing story in this paragraph will help the students to earn good scores and to get an edge over others.


It is clear, therefore, that it is not impossible to write good essays within such a short time but only if the students are able to follow the guidelines in an appropriate manner and stay away from unwanted inclusions or references and maintain the correct length. On the other hand, another key to a successful essay is to arrange the indications or the guidelines properly to attain a perfect score in the SAT examinations. The students can also consider taking the preparation courses for SAT for getting more ideas about the fine tricks and tips of obtaining good scores in SAT essays.

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