Other aspects of SAT Dates

Every activity related to SAT is scheduled within strict deadlines. So far we have seen the registration schedule with respect to the SAT dates. You can also view the SAT dates schedule for the mailing of exam tickets on the official web site. With online registration, you can view your scores online within three to four weeks of the exam. If you can not take the test on the SAT date due to some reason, then you can change your SAT date by calling Customer Service.

SAT Test Dates 2007

Here are the SAT test dates of 2007:

SAT II Dates

The SAT exam also offers you an optional test called SAT-II (or SAT Subject Test). You can register for a particular subject from the list of subjects offered by the College Board and appear for the SAT-II test of that subject. There is an entire list of subjects like History, Languages, Mathematics, Science etc. SAT II test gives you an opportunity to display your skills in a particular subject. Taking the SAT-II exam is compulsory for taking admissions to some of the universities. The SAT-II dates for the year 2008 are given below:

The authoritative information about the SAT dates is available at the official web site of the SAT www.collegeboard.com. Any changes to the SAT dates or schedule are intimated through this web site. For example, from the chart given above you will notice that the SAT-II test is not conducted on 1 Mar 08; however you can take the SAT-I test on that date. As per the policy of SAT organizers you can take at the most three SAT-II tests on one day. However, you can not take SAT-I and SAT-II tests on the same SAT date.

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