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Here is a Look at the Best SAT Courses

SAT is an entrance test recognized all over the world. It is a benchmark used by colleges and universities for admissions. The test is essentially conducted in three sections- critical reading, math and writing. These are compulsory streams for any high school or home-schooled student and therefore they are considered to be the basic testing standards. Apart from this, SAT subject tests test your knowledge in specific domains like language, literature, science, math and history. Although this isn’t a requirement for many colleges, it is highly recommended because it is crucial in the allocation of branches after your admission.

A SAT course is your first step towards getting an admission. It is essential to have a proper and structured way of preparing when it comes to SAT. A SAT course will not only help you in this regard but also give you some much needed insight into the test and its preparation. Although you can always choose self-preparation, it is much wiser to go for a SAT course. This will reduce your time requirements and make you more efficient. Here is a review of some of the best SAT courses available to you-

College Board

You should be aware that College Board is the creator of SAT. It also provides the best SAT course in the market. You are eligible to register for all of these courses and materials while you register for SAT or anytime before that. The price of all these resources is marginal and the quality is excellent. Some of the main offerings from College Board are explained here-

  • The “Official SAT Online Course” available on the site is a standardized course consisting of interactive lessons, auto essay scoring, official practice questions, detailed score reports and online tests. It is an easy to use course which is available anytime anywhere. It is the best SAT course available on the web for preparation.
  • The “Official SAT Study Guides” available on the site are the only books consisting of official practice papers by the makers of SAT. It consists of 20 chapters to cover all aspects of the test along with 10 practice tests. It also comes with online answer explanations and help.
  • For the SAT subject tests the “Official Study Guide for All SAT Subject Tests” is available on the site. This consists of question papers for all 20 subjects to give you a real time experience with the test. It also contains detailed explanations and up to date tips and tricks for all the subjects.
  • The “Official SAT Question of The Day” lets you practice whenever you want and it is free of cost. You can also choose to practice more questions of the same model.
  • The “SAT Study Plan” will give you a detailed outline on how you should prepare depending upon which test you are taking, if you have taken it before and when you are taking it.
  • The “SAT Skills Insight” option lets you choose a score band and skill level in order to test yourself. This is available in each section.
  • Apart from these, there are other tools like “Answers Imagined” and “My College Quick Start” that help you in various aspects of your preparation.

It is evident from these features that College Board quite clearly offers the best SAT course and it will be very unwise not to take it. However, there are a few other institutes that offer decent programs.

Princeton Review

It offers some decent options in terms of courses and books. A variety of programs are available to choose from, these include private tutoring, small group instruction, ultimate courses, classroom courses, online courses and SAT live online. Another attractive feature is the seminar option. This is a great way of keeping track of colleges that are suitable for you. These seminars also give details about financial aids.

The Princeton Review also provides a variety of books on SAT. These are available as complete packages as well as section-wise books. They consist of many problems with varying difficulty levels. They also cover all the concepts and tips required to get a great score in SAT. For more details, you can visit


It is the best option if you want to have complete online preparation. It you want to have a free trial version, you just have to sign up on the website This is highly recommended even if you don’t plan on joining. It will give you a lot of insight on SAT from an outside point of view (apart from College Board).

The courses on ePrep are not very costly and they are available as per the time required for them. For example, there are courses of duration ranging from a few weeks to a year. This will help you decide your own pace for preparation. Apart from this, there are several other resources like college guidance, scholarship information and 24/7 online support.

These three are the dominant forces in the SAT preparation market. There are also several others like Kaplan and Manhattan. When you go through their websites, it will be quite clear that none of the others offers as many tools and official resources as College Board therefore, even if you decide to join these programs always be in touch with the College Board tools because ultimately they will matter. All the best!!

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