SAT College Test: Registration

Once you are clear about the test format and test dates, you should register for the SAT college test. There are three ways of SAT college test registration namely online registration, registration by phone and registration through mail. Online registration is always preferable as it is easy and quick. You can choose your SAT college test date and test center online. You get immediate confirmation of registration and you can print your admission ticket also. You can even view and send your scores online. To register online for SAT college test, you have to become a member on the official site It is a free web account and easy to make. After you logon to your web account, web page will give you directions to complete the registration procedure for SAT college test. You can take the printout of your admission ticket after you get the registration confirmation. There are few limitations for online registration. You cannot register online if you are requesting for Sunday testing or if you are requesting for a test center which is close to your location. Online testing is not available to the students from few countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Cameroon, and Benin. For India and Pakistan, Sunday testing and test center closer to the home options are not available. All these details are available online on the official test site.

Registration by mail is available for everyone. To register by mail, you need a registration booklet for SAT college test which is usually available in your schools. Registration booklets include registration forms, return envelop, a list of test dates and test centers, registration deadlines, test center codes, fees and all other information required to fill the form. You should fill up the SAT college test registration form very carefully as if your form is incomplete or carry some wrong information, and then it will be returned. You may miss your required test date in this procedure.

You can make the fee payment during online registration through credit card. If you are registering for SAT college test through mail, then you can make the payment through money orders or checks.

Once you are registered for the test. You can make test center changes or test date changes by paying an additional fee for making changes. You can make these changes online or by making a call at Customer Service centers on all the working days from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 9 p.m. All the contact numbers are available on the official web site.

SAT Scores for College

Students can view their SAT scores for college online after logging on to their web account after almost 15 days of their test date. Your scores are sent directly to the colleges of your choice. You can alter the names of colleges online after viewing your SAT scores for college. You can check your SAT scores for college on phone by making a call at customer service. There are additional charges for this service so you will need your credit card number and its expiry date along with your registration number to know your scores over phone. Your score report displays your SAT scores for college as well as your SAT percentile and score range. Score percentile is the percentage of the students who have scored equal to you or lower than you.

There is no doubt that SAT scores for college are very important but various colleges give different level of importance to SAT scores. Few state schools have just minimum requirement for SAT scores but few reputed schools compare your SAT scores with other students scores. Even within a college or university, different departments view SAT scores with a different degree of importance. College authorities use SAT scores and SAT percentiles along with your high school grades and your class work while taking a decision about the admissions.

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