SAT College Exam

Old SAT stood for Scholastic assessment test. But new SAT college exam is only SAT, alphabets not standing for anything. SAT college exam is a standardized exam which is required to take admission in colleges in US. Main administration body which conducts SAT college exam is College Board. But SAT is developed and scored by ETS (Educational Testing Service). SAT college exam is one of the many selection criterion which are considered by college authorities while taking a decision about college admissions and scholarships. SAT college exam tests the analyzing and problem solving skills of the students which they acquire in high schools. Colleges also consider your high school grades, your class work in high school and your project work along with the SAT college exam scores. SAT college prep is very important as SAT scores play very important role in getting admission in a reputed college and a course of your choice. There are many types of SAT college prep courses that are available in the market which help you to prepare better for the exam. There are SAT college prep books also available for those who want to study on their own.

SAT College Exam: Format

Students must understand SAT exam format before starting their SAT college prep. There are two SAT exams namely SAT1 and SAT 11. SAT 1 is SAT reasoning test. And SAT 11 is a subject test which tests a specific subject. Students can opt for either only SAT1 or they can go for an additional SAT11 also on a specific test date. Students can take up to three subject tests. SAT college exam consists of three sections namely mathematics, critical reading and writing.

Mathematics section is of 70 minutes which is further divided in three subsections. Two sections are of 25 minutes and one section is of 20 minutes. Most of the questions are multiple choice questions. Critical reading section is also of 70 minutes and is divided into three subsections. Two sections are of 25 minutes and one section is of 20 minutes. This section is passage based section which includes sentence completion and questions from the passages. This section tests your vocabulary. Writing section is of 60 minutes. This section is further divided into two sections. Most of the questions are multiple choice questions but it also includes one essay section where student has to write an essay in 25 minutes.

All the sections of SAT are scored on a scale of 200- 800. Writing section is scored separately on a scale of 2-12. In addition to SAT scores, you are also given a percentile which help in comparing your scores with the other students scores. Percentile is the percentage of students who have scored equal or lower than your scores.

The information about SAT college exam format helps you in your SAT college prep and helps in scoring good marks.

SAT College Exam: Test dates and Fees

SAT college exam is conducted six to seven times in a year. These test dates fall in March, May, June, October, November and December. Usually these dates fall on the Saturdays but on request of candidates who cannot take the test on Saturdays due to religious prohibition it can be conducted on the following Sunday. There are different deadline for US countries and international countries. There is no late registration allowed for international testing.

Basic fee for SAT reasoning test is $43 and for SAT subject test is $20. For every additional subject test, fee is $8 per test. If you are registering by phone, then you have to pay an extra $12. For international students, there is an extra amount of $25. For test date changes or test center alteration, an additional fee of $21 has to be paid. Basic fees include official sore report and it also includes the charges to send your score report to four colleges of your choice. You can get an additional score report by paying an amount of $9.50.

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