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Where Can You Obtain Coaching For SAT?

In order to score high in SAT, you need to prepare well. Joining a SAT coaching center can benefit you to a large extent. It is not an easy task to choose the right coaching center. If you search the internet for a good coaching center for SAT preparation, you will find many who claim to guarantee you a high score. Before you make the decision to join a SAT coaching center, be sure to research well. Do not hesitate to take advice from your peers, friends or seniors. Some of the most popular coaching classes are reviewed below:

Princeton Review SAT (

The most popular SAT coaching classes and courses come from a renowned admissions and consulting company known as Princeton Review. The company is based in the USA and specializes in providing preparatory courses for standardized tests such as SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, GRE and LSAT. SATcourses from Princeton Review are flexible and offer a wide range of options for SAT coaching. The following are some of the most popular classroom courses from Princeton Review for SAT preparation:

  • SAT Ultimate Prep Course: This 46 hour course includes 30 hours of live instruction sessions and 4 practice tests. The course is a rigorous Princeton SAT course and can help to increase your SAT score by 150 points.
  • SAT Classroom Prep Course: If your focus is to learn the test strategies rather than the content, then this course is ideal for you. The total duration of the course is 18 hours of live instruction with 4 practice tests included.
  • SAT Small Group Instruction Prep Course: If you are interested in customized sessions, you can opt for this course. The class size is limited to a maximum of 4 students and individual attention in addition to tailor-made instruction sessions is provided. The total duration of the course is 40 hours which includes 24 hours of live instructions and 4 practice tests.

Kaplan SAT (

Kaplan is a reputed consultancy company in the USA and specializes in coaching and preparation for a range of college and graduate admission examinations as well as medical licensing and nursing examinations. Kaplan offers a range of SAT coaching options including online and classroom courses. Following are some of the course offerings from Kaplan towards SAT preparation:

  • Complete SAT Prep: This 18-hour course is a cutting-edge, customized and highly effective classroom course with four practice test and 4 proctored tests.
  • College Prep Advantage: This course is a combined course geared towards admission to college and includes materials for PSAT, SAT and ACT complete with 4 proctored tests and 14 practice tests.

Manhattan Review (

Manhattan Review is a renowned consultancy company in the USA with a ten- year record of providing preparation courses and admission advice for all standardized college and graduate admission examinations. Manhattan Review offers the following course as part of SAT coaching:

  • SAT Prep Classroom Course: This intensive 28-hour course spans over 8 sessions complete with practice tests, access to online library and post class review with a special focus on selected topics. The classes are held in all major cities of the US and the course is available online for students across all time zones. Practice is done with real retired SAT questions and in-depth question and answer sessions are held on a regular basis.

Before you decide to join any SAT coaching center,it isa good idea to visit the institution and collect information. Generally, coaching centers are forthcoming with information and willing to answer your queries. Visit a few and make a comparison keeping all factors such as distance from home, quality of faculty, duration of the course and fees in view. A good SAT coaching center can help you greatly and play an important role in your SAT preparation process.

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