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SAT is a standardised test for under-graduate college admissions in the USA. It is attempted by a large number of students annually. The SAT scores are accepted by almost 6000 colleges in the US. Hence, you will have to face a very stiff competition while you take the SAT. To stand out successfully, along with dedication and commitment, you will require a SAT class prep that would help you hone your skills and eventually score high in the SAT. A good SAT class prep would help you in improving your knowledge as well as the application of the knowledge you gain in the right way and at the right time. Any competitive test is not about just solving the test paper, but about solving the test paper in time accurately. Furthermore, in SAT, there is negative marking. Negative marking means, a call for more accuracy and precision. So, particularly from the exam point of view, a good SAT class prep would only help you deal with exam in the most efficient way. However, there are students who score exceptionally high by preparing themselves, if you are not up to that level, SAT class prep would be a must.

Many SAT class prep that are currently in the market are available in many forms. SAT class prep can be a classroom tutoring session or even an online course.

The Official SAT Online Course

The Official SAT Online Course is SAT class prep which is available online from the College Board, the institution that creates the SAT. It is preferred by many students preparing for the SAT. You can have many benefits from this online SAT class prep like interactive lessons, 10 official full-length SAT practice tests, hundreds of practice questions, personalized score reports, automated essay scoring, and detailed answer explanations for a better understanding. This course is very helpful to clearly understand the actual SAT testing structure and environment in the most effective way. You can register for this course at the following link:

Kaplan SAT Test Prep

The world famous Kaplan offers SAT class prep sessions for the benefit of SAT aspirants. The complete SAT test prep at Kaplan is priced at US $500 which can be paid in three installments. Kaplan claims to be revolutionizing the whole of SAT preparation by the introduction of a unique program called as Smart Track. The main intention behind the launch of this program is to help students realize their individual needs and goals. Moreover, Kaplan has some of the best-selling books in the market for competitive exams. Hence, Kaplan is worth to relying upon for your preparation for SAT. You can learn more about this unique preparation program from the videos posted at the link:

The Princeton Review SAT Prep

The Princeton Review is also preferred by many test takers all over the world. Here, you have many benefits like you can find a local tutor who is dedicated to your SAT preparation and there are many other ways to gain the benefits of SAT class prep at the Princeton Review. The Princeton Review claims that their preparation course is designed in a way that would give you a personalized preparation experience and exactly suits your learning style, budget and schedule. You can find more about the SAT class prep of the Princeton Review at the following link:

Knewton SAT Prep

Knewton is another famous organization that provides SAT coaching. Their unique SAT program would be so feasible for you that you can prepare anytime or whenever you have time for preparation. They claim to provide classes by the Ivy League instructors. They also claim that they would provide a full refund if your score does not improve by at least 150 points. You can find more about their course structure and can also register at the following link:

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