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Relevance and currency are qualities which are not only valuable but most necessary when choosing test prep material. The market is flooded with prep materials for the SAT, and there are a whole lot of SAT books 2012 available to prepare from, but an applicant needs to pick the most relevant and current edition for his SAT preparation. Ideally an applicant should choose that SAT prep book which is published fresh every year, with additional prep material added every year in addition to the previous editions. There are many SAT books 2012 which boast of being current and yet are only re-published versions of their former editions. Applicants need to stay away from such SAT books 2012. Following is the review for the top 4 SAT books 2012, to help applicants make a wise and informed decision when choosing their SAT books 2012.

Kaplan SAT 2012

The name of the book suggests its current and relevant position among SAT books 2012. Available to applicants at the Kaplan website, this SAT prep book costs something under $35 and can be purchased from noted bookstores as well. The CD-ROM available with this book has several offline tests for the applicant to practise from. It also has 4 full-length practice tests and hundreds of practice questions. The online companion of this SAT prep book has many valuable mini video lessons, target quizzes to help tease out the weaker areas of an applicant along with a customizable study plan and progress reports.

Princeton Review

Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT 2012 Edition, puts its aim very simply, that of cracking the SAT. It has 5 full-length practice tests and is available for just under $22 at the Princeton Review website (which directs the applicants to a Random House page for the purchase of the book) in only three working days. This book not only helps the applicant prepare for the test, but also breaks down several myths attached with the exam to help the applicant feel more at ease when appearing for the exam. It has focussed exercises on essay-writing techniques and important pointers on grammar and also includes a ‘Hit-Parade’ of vocabulary that most certainly appears on the SAT. Last but not the least it has detailed explanation to questions that help the applicant prepare himself for the D-day.

Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide

Known to be a legend among teachers, Gruber is a name most students would recognize for his contribution to math prep book for students. Gruber is a name synonymous with test prep. Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide 2012, unlike other SAT books 2012 which teach tricks, teaches strategies for critical thinking which would be helpful not just for the SAT but for times to come as well. Its writing and math sections have practice questions that could be tougher than those that actually appear on the SAT; thereby preparing an applicant for the worst (shall we say, in terms of a tough SAT test). With over 1000 pages of practice material, tests and strategies, this book is available at Amazon at a great price of just under $12, which is surely a price no applicant would mind spending.

Official SAT Study Guide

Published by the developers of the SAT exam, the Official SAT Study Guide: Second Edition is bound to have current questions and practice tests from previous test papers. Available to applicants from the official website for the College Board for under $22, this is one of the best of all the SAT books 2012. Dubbed as the ‘Bible’ or the ‘Blue Book’ of SAT prep, any applicant who has already appeared for the SAT, would recommend this book as a must-have for all applicants. With over 1000 pages, 20 chapters, 10 practice tests (including 3 recently administered tests), practice essays, free online score reports, test-taking approaches and detailed descriptions of all the three exam sections of critical reading, writing and math, this SAT prep book is truly a one-stop book for an applicant.

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