SAT and ACT Prep

How Can You Prepare for SAT and ACT Side by Side?

SAT and ACT are the most standardized and recognized tests for U.S. college admissions. Both these tests aim towards preparing non-native English speakers study in an U.S educational institution. ACT tests the candidates on English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science Reasoning, whereas SAT consists of critical reading, mathematics and the writing sections. It can be easily identified that both the tests revolve around almost similar subjects. A large number of resources are available to help the candidates for SAT and ACT preparation, which will be discussed in this article.

SAT & ACT Preparation Online:

Given below are few websites that assist in both the tests' preparation.


    This site states that it has a complete SAT and ACT test preparation system. With more than 20,000 questions and its distinctive preparation methodology, it speeds up the learners’ progress extensively. Answers with detailed explanations and solutions for all the questions and review of test results make this site an ideal place for both tests' preparation.


    A website solely for preparation for these two tests, it helps students find out which of these tests is required to get admission in their target colleges and guides in making a wise choice between the two. This site beautifully classifies and compares SAT & ACT under headings such as ‘About the test’, ‘Questions’ and ‘Test Strategies’. This site also gives valuable tips on:

    • Choosing your target colleges
    • How to apply to your target colleges
    • Financial aid resources
    • Admissions & Financial Aid
  • Since this site has separate sections for SAT and ACT, once a student decides which test to take, he/she can go through the appropriate test sections.


    This website contains free SAT/ACT practice resources with around 5000 vocabulary words and 1100 SAT/ACT math problems. One can also sign up for free daily SAT & ACT preparation materials and tips.

Books for SAT & ACT Preparation:

Some of the recommended preparation books for SAT and ACT are reviewed below:

  • The Official Guide from ACT Inc:

    This authorized book is unique as it contains questions from previous actual tests and hence helps the candidates gain a real test experience. It also helps candidates to know what to expect on a test day. This book is simple, easy to understand and has detailed descriptions on the various sections of ACT. No wonder this official book is highly popular among students.

  • The Official SAT Study Guide (TM): Second Edition:

    This book, like the official guide for ACT, contains the previous actual tests providing a real test experience. This is one of the best study books containing all that a student would require to prepare for SAT. This book can also be ordered online from the official site.

  • Features of Official Study Guides for SAT/ACT:

    Salient features of the official study books are as follows:

    • Numerous practice tests and hundreds of additional questions
    • Exam strategies and preparation guidelines
    • Detailed descriptions on the various sections of SAT/ACT
    • Well systematized tests and explanations for answers
    • Includes information on the recent changes made to SAT/ACT
  • Princeton Review’s Cracking the ACT:

    Cracking the ACT has over 600 pages and aids interactive learning as it has a CD included in it. This book has simple and well structured teaching techniques and is one of the most popular books for the exam's preparation.

  • Princeton Review’s Cracking the SAT:

    This book greatly balances the three sections of SAT and teaches the concepts brilliantly. It also has a DVD included which assists in effortless learning. Through carefully designed materials and exclusive tips to score well, the book puts forth a better approach to the test preparation.

    Apart from books and online materials, students can also attend training programs conducted for preparation. This would help them clarify doubts and discover any uncovered topic. Thus, with a number of resources available for these two tests' preparation and practice, students should utilize them to the fullest.