Registration for SAT Test

The Easiest Way of Registration for SAT Test

Registration for the test must be done well in advance in order to avoid any last minute issues regarding test centers, seat availability, and so on. You can register for the test on the SAT website:

The website contains comprehensive information about when to register, how to register, in addition to other registration information. The site includes a calendar that specifies the test dates, the register-by date, and the late registration cut-off date by mail, phone or online.

In case you cannot register in time, you can opt for the Stand-by registration that is available for a fee. However, this can be tricky because the seats at a test center are limited and you need to reach your center early before 7.45 am to be allotted a seat. In addition, you will need to carry with you a filled in registration form with the test and stand-by registration fee. Check the website for criteria for which stand-by registration is not applicable.

When you register for the test, you will receive the following:

  • Your admission ticket
  • A notification regarding your test center and your seat at the test center

After your registration for the test,you will be entitled to four score reports that you can send to colleges and scholarship services.

The test booking can be done through any of the three convenient processes. Of these, online registration is the most convenient.

  • Mail Registration

    To register for the test by mail, you must have the SAT Paper Registration Guide. The guide includes the registration form and return-mailing envelope. The guide is mostly available at the school counselor's office. However, you will need to look up information, such as code numbers for courses, colleges, scholarship programs, and test centers, on the Board website in order to fill in information on the form. Although not considered very convenient,registration for the test through mail might be required on a case-to-case basis, such as if you are younger than 13 years, to request to open a test center nearby, to register for the test on a Sunday, or if you are an applicant from a country where there are no testing services. The drawback of booking through mail is that it might take a few days for the entire process to complete; that is from the time you send your requisition to the date you receive your admission ticket. If you are a paper registrant and mention on the form that you want to receive your paper ticket, you will receive it by mail.

  • Online Registration

    Online registration is the most prompt way to register for the test. It is also more accurate because you can check all the details online. You can also make corrections and reprint details online. Online booking allows you to receive immediate confirmation details about your test center and seat allocation. Unlike registration for the test through mail, you can receive your tickets by email or on the Web by mentioning your email address on the form.

  • Phone Registration

    You can register for the test only if you are appearing for the test again. A fee is charged for it. You can use phone registration only if you have previously registered in the system.

    A variety of registration options is available for the SAT but the most common and recommended way is the online method. This is because it is easily accessible, accurate, and fast. The processing is much quicker compared to other mediums. However, depending on your circumstance, you might want to choose the best method for yourself.