Registration for SAT Exam

When Is the Best Time to Register for SAT?

The registration process for an exam is probably one of the most important things to be done for appearing for the exam. It is a formal ticket announcing the fact that you are to appear for a competitive exam and preparation for it is now the next step. Registration for SAT exam is a quick and easy process and takes minimal time. There are two popular ways of registration for SAT exam and one conditional method, reserved only for a certain type of applicant. Although all SAT test dates come with a registration deadline, applicants must register well within time to get the dates and the test center of their choice. If you have been wondering about the registration for SAT exam, then read on to know more and understand when to start the registration for SAT exam in your own case.

How to Register

The process of registration for SAT exam is quite easy and quick. There are two popular methods, namely, via mail or online. The mailing method requires the applicant to fill out the registration form from the SAT Paper Registration Guide, and return it to the mailing address with a self-addressed envelope. Payment is done by bank check or money order. For the online method of registration for SAT exam, applicants need to log in to the College Board website, create an account and simply click to register and receive their admission ticket after the registration is over. Payment is done only by credit card in the online process, and applicants can seek additional help on the College Board website itself. The online registration for SAT exam is a preferred option among applicants because it is very fast and applicants have access to a lot of other services when they register online for the SAT exam. The third method for registration for SAT exam is via the phone and is offered for retaking the test. Candidates with a previous registration can register with an extra fee over the phone. Candidates who failed to register in time can request for a stand-by registration, which is done at the test-center on the test day itself and that too, if the limited seats available for stand-by candidates have not already been filled up. This method of registration for SAT exam is not open to all international applicants.

Best Time to Register

Of the SAT test dates available for the year 2011, only the December 3, 2011 test date is open for registration to candidates. The November 5 test date has only the stand-by option open for registration, as its deadline date has already passed. For the year 2012, 4 out of the 7 scheduled dates are out and these fall on 28 January, March 10, May 5 and June 4, 2012. Understandably their registration deadline would be at least four weeks prior to the exams, and even much before that for international applicants. To avoid the penalty of late registration fee, applicants must register well before the deadlines. Another advantage of this is that applicants might actually get their preferred test dates and test centers. A delay in the registration for SAT exam could lead to the applicant not getting a preferred choice of date or test center. For the January 28 exam the deadline is December 30, 2011 and January 13, 2012 for a delayed registration (with a late fee). Similarly for the other test dates too, a one month deadline is available to applicants for registration for SAT exam. Ideally the best time to register would be when you have finally decided your college and know its admission deadline, depending on the intake time give yourself three/four months before you sit for the SAT and apply accordingly.

Things to Remember

One thing that an applicant should keep in his mind is the time he needs to apply to his preferred college and the time he need t o prepare for the SAT. Most applicant start their SAT prep and registration procedures in the last few months of their junior year and some even take a trial SAT test in the spring of their junior year to familiarise themselves with the SAT pattern. The summer of their final year at school is when most applicants sit for the SAT so that they have good six/seven months before they graduate from high-school and go to undergraduate school. Often this six/seven month period proves beneficial, in case they intend to take the SAT again if they receive unsatisfactory scores.

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