Registering for SAT Test

How, When and Where to Register for SAT?

Probably the first step towards applying for any competitive exam is to register well in time and many a times aspirants in their race for getting the correct prep course and study material and preparing for the said test, forget to register in time or simply get confused by the whole process. So, for those of you who have tread this path or are likely to do so, fret no longer, because what lies ahead is an answer to all your queries on how, when and where to register for the SAT exam. Registering for SAT test is not a very elaborate task; rather it’s quite simple and is a quick two step process which involves filling out a form and mailing it. If you are registering for SAT test, then there are three ways to do it; by mail, online or by phone. Actually, there are two ways to do it, the third phone call option a conditional one and not open to all applicants. Of the 7 test dates available in a year to appear for the SAT, registering for SAT test a month before your desired date is a good thing to do. This is obviously the lowest limit; you can very well register much before it as well. The College Board website and/or your school are the go-to resources when you want are registering for SAT test.

Online Registration for SAT Test

Of the three ways available for registering for SAT test, the most popular method is to register online with the College Board website, more so because it is quick and easy to follow and requires minimum time. You can also have a 24-hour access to your admission ticket for printing it or in case you need to make necessary changes to it. You can pay by credit card while registering for SAT test online after you have signed up as a member with an account with the website. For those who are registering for SAT test through the online method, results too will be made available on their account through ‘My SAT Score’. The My SAT account also allows applicants to send score reports to other colleges (other than the 4 they chose while registering) after paying an additional sum, a benefit not available while registering for SAT test via mail.

Registration via Mail

The other method for registering for SAT test is by mail and you would need to ask your school to provide you with a SAT Paper Registration Guide, which comes with a registration form and a return envelope for your admission ticket. The payment mode for via mail registering is bank checks or money orders which would be payable to the College Board. Applicants registering for Sunday testing for the first time also need to register via mail. Additional information about registering for SAT test can be accessed at

Stand By Registration

The third and conditional method for registration for SAT test is via the phone, but this method is seldom used as it is reserved for certain categories of applicants alone. In case you were not able to register for the SAT in time then you can use this facility of stand by registration, although the seating capacity at a test center is generally limited for stand by candidates. Payment for this method of registering for SAT test is either by check or by money order and the applicant needs to carry this along with him/her on the test date to the center. This facility is also open to Sunday testers. This method of registering for SAT test is not open to applicants from countries like Ghana, Cameroon, Thailand, Kenya etc, and they have only the mail option to register for the SAT.

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