Register SAT Test

Preliminary Requirements for SAT Registration

The SAT test is an important standardized test that allows you to get admission in colleges to pursue higher education. All students planning to appear for the SAT test need to register SAT test in order to appear for the test. After you register SAT test, you will receive the requisite admission ticket that will allow you entry to the test center. You must register SAT test well in advance in order to avoid any last minute issues regarding test centers, seat availability, and so on.

You can register SAT test using any of the following methods:

Mail Registration

To register SAT test by mail, you must have the SAT Paper Registration Guide. The guide includes the registration form and return-mailing envelope. The guide is mostly available at the school counselor's office. However, you will need to look up information, such as code numbers for courses, colleges, scholarship programs, and test centers, on the College Board website in order to fill in information on the form.

Although not considered very convenient, you can register SAT test through mail on a case-to-case basis, such as if you are younger than 13 years, to request to open a test center nearby, to register for the test on a Sunday, or if you are an applicant from a country where there are no testing services. The drawback of registering for SAT test through mail is that it might take a few days for the entire process to complete; that is from the time you send your requisition to the date you receive your admission ticket. If you are a paper registrant and mention on the form that you want to receive your paper ticket, you will receive it by mail.

Online Registration

Online registration of SAT test is the most prompt way to register for the SAT test. It is also more accurate because you can check all the details online. You can also make corrections and reprint details online. Online registration of SAT test allows you to receive immediate confirmation details about your test center and seat allocation. Unlike registration for SAT test through mail, you can receive your tickets by email or on the Web by mentioning your email address on the form.

The website to register SAT test is:

This is the official SAT board website, otherwise known as College Board. The page has a calendar displaying the SAT dates, the Subject tests available, the registration cut-off date, and the late registration date. The page also contains other useful information about the best time to take the SAT, SAT study plan, and so on. The column to the left includes links to sections related to registration. For example, How to Register, Test Dates, Services and Fees, Fee Waivers, Making Changes, and so on. This information is needed to fill in the registration form. For example, you need to have the College Board (CEEB) codes when you register SAT test or want to send your scores to colleges and scholarship programs. Similarly, if you want to change your test center or date, receive or correct your admission ticket, or if you want to take a test on a future date, you will need to read the information provided in the Make Changes link.

It is important that you read all the available information before registering yourself for the test so that you are aware of all the details, such as dates available and test centers nearest to you, while registering for the test.

Registering Online

In order to register SAT test, you need to sign up on the website. After signing up, you can login and click the “Register” or “Register Now” link. You need to fill in your credentials as you want it to appear in the admission ticket. Remember, the credentials you enter for the admission ticket must match the photo ID you will carry to the test center. After entering all the details, you can pay online to complete the registration process.

Phone registration

You can register for SAT test only if you are appearing for the test again. A fee rged for registering for the SAT test. You can use phone registration only if you have previously registered in the system.

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