Standby Registration for the SAT

The official web site offers you all information about SAT in detail. We have just mentioned the various methods of registering for the SAT. If you have missed registering for the SAT test during the late registration period then you get one more chance. You can register for the SAT test on the day of the test itself. You need to pay some additional fee for this. You must also keep in mind that it is not guaranteed that you may be allowed to take the test. It depends on whether the test center has a vacancy and can accommodate you for the test.

Other Aspects of Registration

The organizers of SAT have provided guidelines for various other aspects related to the registration and the conduct of the exam. Let us see some of these in short. The online registration for the SAT test is not offered if you are registering for the Sunday testing for the first time or if you wish to get a testing center closer to your home. If you wish to select a test center from some of the countries like Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria etc then you can not register for the SAT online. For such conditions you must register by mail only.
If you have some medical disability then you can apply for registration with accommodation. The SAT organizers offer you special arrangements suitable for you in terms of sitting arrangement, printed copy of the spoken instructions, or permission to use medicines during the conduct of the exam. You need to write a special application in this regard to the College Board and seek their formal approval. You should send this application (Student Eligibility Form) before registering for the SAT. Once your request is granted you get an Eligibility Approval Letter. You need to give the reference of this letter while registering for the SAT. You can get detailed information about this on the official web site of SAT.
SAT is also offered on Sundays for those who can not take the test on Saturdays due to religious reasons. If you are registering for the SAT (Sunday) test for the first time then you cannot apply online. You need to fill in a specific code (01000) in the registration form for the test center code. For the Sunday testing you need to attach a written explanation from your clergy along with your registration form. Sunday testing is not available in some of the countries.
Your registration form must reach the College Board before the deadline to accommodate you for the test date of your choice. You must therefore, read all the instructions given in the registration booklet or on the official web site and fill in your application form accordingly. You must complete your registration well in time so that you are free to prepare for the test.

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