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10 Things to keep in mind when you register for SAT

How would you register for SAT?

You can initiate your SAT registration through phone, mail and online. You should be early enough to register for SAT so that all your required identification proof for SAT are present at the test center. When you register for SAT, you get an authorized test center, an admission ticket delivered to you through web, post or email and you will also get to choose a maximum of four colleges and scholarship services, where you would like to send your score card. Therefore, you need to know what type of registration suits you and plan accordingly.

What are the 10 things to keep in mind for SAT registration?

You can register for SAT by three different methods. Registration can be done online, over the phone and through mail. Here are the 10 things you should keep in mind before SAT registration:

  1. Online registration is the best:

    The best method to register for SAT is online registration. If you are enrolling online for SAT, you will instantly get an authorized seat and test center for SAT. You shall have access to an online admission ticket, which you can amend and reprint in case you might have to change any details.

  2. Student Search Service

    The College Board website has another feature known as the Student Search Service®. This service enables the colleges to know about you and your academic details, before the commencement of the admissions. All you have to do is to say ‘yes’ to the Student Search Service®.

  3. Register by mail:

    Registering by mail is a method used in specific cases. If you have mentioned your email address on the registration form, then you will receive your admission ticket in your email ID. However, if you have not mentioned any email ID and you indicate in your paper registration form, that you want to receive a paper admission ticket, you will get your ticket in your postal mail.

  4. Registration for test takers below 13 years

    If you are less than 13 years of age, you have to register for SAT through mail.

  5. Payment options

    If you wish to register by mail, you can make your payment through check or money order (payable to College Board). Otherwise, use your credit card to pay online.

  6. Special cases:

    You may fall under special categories as a test taker. You have to register via mail in case:

    • You are enrolling for Sunday testing due to religious sanctions
    • You are petitioning to allocate a test center closer to your home
    • You are sitting for the test in Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo or Kenya
  7. College Board Code:

    While you are filling up your form to register for SAT, you will need College Board code number for applying in college majors, high schools and college and scholarship programs. Try the code search option provided by the College Board website to find the codes. Otherwise, you can get those codes in your counselor’s office.

  8. Register by phone:

    You may want to retake SAT after your first attempt. For every new attempt that you make after the first time, you need to register for SAT by phone. The College Board only executes phone registration for SAT when a test taker has a previous registration in the system. However, a processing fee is chargeable for all registration via phone.

  9. Registration deadline:

    The College Board has standardized the registration deadline date, to be no longer than fourteen days before the SAT exam day. This means, you have to register for SAT at least two weeks before the test day. Now the test takers hailing from different parts of the world have different test dates and deadline rules binding their registration. You need to check test dates and deadlines for further details.

  10. Fee-waiver

    The fee-waiver system is meant for those of you who match the eligibility criteria of colleges, but lacks enough financial resource to pay the fees to register for SAT. It is in the favor of these test takers that the fee-waiver system exists. The students can avail this scheme through their school counselor. The schools counselor completes the fee-waiver form according to guidelines set by the College Board. Students can use up to two fee-waivers for SAT and two for SAT Subject Test. For detailed knowledge about fee-waiver, learn more about it.

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