Private SAT Tutoring

The Best SAT Private Tutors and Where to Find Them

Often not being comfortable with practicing and learning in groups, school students like to take the option of private tutoring, as they can fit it easily into their busy school schedules according to their time and can express freely any doubts or concerns they might have. Group study may not always be a good option, as it does carry with it the notoriety of a cover-up to just hang out with friends, and also as the test-takers are often senior year school students who are busy at school, this could be a good option for the candidate’s preparation. Top preparation companies also understand this notion and offer lucrative and flexible schemes to the test-takers. Here are four of the top companies and their tutoring details.

Top Test Prep

Fear No Test, seems to be just the assurance a test-taker needs while planning his/her preparation. Top companies offer a variety of services to test-takers ranging from help with admissions to Law school, Medical school or any other college admissions and prep for a host of competitive exams, including the SAT. It boasts of a robust staff of 300+ tutors and offer different kinds of tutoring, some of them as plain private tutoring while a few others as a combined program of private tutoring and admissions counselling as well. The combined plans can be viewed at: . The other plans do not include admissions counseling and are namely, the Elite, Premium and Plus programs. These offer a number of in-home study lessons, practice tests and customized study plans depending on what the test-takers need. Have a look at these plans at: .

Princeton Review

Home to a world of preparation programs, Princeton Review needs little introduction when it comes to quality and breadth of practice for students. Their program offers a custom made plan suiting the needs of the test-taker which could also mean either in-person lessons or online tutoring. Guaranteeing stellar results, Princeton Review has a money back policy in case the test-taker is dissatisfied with his/her results, they have an option of more lessons for preparation with Princeton Review till they get their desired result, and that too at no extra cost. Although, they do warn against lax preparation on the part of the student and do not take guarantee if the student is known to have skipped classes or avoided practice tests. Take a look at their tutoring section at: . This will guide you to choose the kind of tutor you want from premier, master or private to finding the tutor near to your location.

Ivy Bound Test Prep

The name of this company says it all. ‘Ivy Bound’ claims to leave no stone unturned in making you head exactly there – the Ivy League. Focused solely on college test preparation, it offers tutoring for test-takers at their homes, libraries or any mutually agreed location. Ivy Bound offers students with flexible rates, timings and different kinds of tutoring a student wants to undergo, for example these could range from one-on-one private tutoring, a group of 3-5 or a classroom of 4-23 students or maybe a Live online class. Putting forth two types of tutors namely, senior or veteran, depending on their skill level, Ivy Bound, nevertheless ensures success for the test-taker from either type of tutor. You can see their packages at: .

Test Masters

Claiming to be the finest and most comprehensive test preparation in the world, this company offers three kinds of tutoring for test-takers. Candidates can choose from ‘In-Person Tutoring’, ‘Online Tutoring’ or ‘Telephonic Tutoring’, considering that not all test-takers would be able to have at-home in-person lessons. The time ranges between 10 hours and 60 hours in the platinum package, ensuring test-takers have a wide range to choose from, being mindful of their budgets too. Take a pick at your chosen tutoring lesson at: