Online SAT Practice Tests That Can Be Printed

Benefits of Printable SAT Practice Tests

This test plays an important role in the academic success of students aiming to pursue higher education in the U.S. With a number of test materials available online and in the form of books, nothing can be as handy as a printable material. The common benefits of these materials are that they can be used for learning online from wherever you are and when printed they turn out to be very helpful study materials at hand. Let us now discuss some of the practice resources that are printable and explore their benefits.

  • SAT Official Website

    The official website provides free practice tests. Both online version and printable version of the practice tests are available. Students can just click on the ‘Print Test’ button to have the questions appear in PDF format after which they can print the PDF document. After filling in the answers, they can download the latest pdf on scoring. This site not only provides tests for practice but also helps the students verify how well they have performed in each of the test sections. It also offers detailed explanations to the answers. Practicing with the mock tests from the official site is hence a must for any candidate striving to get through the test.

  • Eduers

    This website has a simple design and offers free downloadable and printable test materials for practice for the various sections. The test materials are just a click away! All we need to do is to simply click on the links ‘Practice verbal section of SAT’ and ‘Practice math section of SAT’ and the test materials open up in pdf format. In addition to it, this site also has a downloadable scoring guide for practice tests which would be of tremendous use for the aspirants.

  • English-Test

    Primarily focused on the language section, this site takes pride in declaring that its compact test package is the only printable material specifically designed for improving language skills pertaining to this test. This site claims that its package contains 1100 vocabulary tests and apart from that, we also get 5000 words as flash cards and vocabulary word lists ordered alphabetically. Just visit the following link: to find five sample PDF test files. This package can be purchased at Each page of the package comes in the A4 standard. The users are authorized to photocopy or print the documents completely or in parts and they are also permitted to use these versions in classrooms, training sessions etc.

  • SAT Free Practice

    Mathematics appears to be the toughest section for many students. Therefore, the need for printable math practice tests amongst the aspirants is very high. This site provides a number of free printable worksheets and also solutions for the math section. Worksheets are available for various math areas like numbers & operations, algebra, geometry & measurement and also statistics & probability.Practicing with these worksheets, the students are sure to crack the math section with much ease.

Benefits of Printable SAT Practice Tests

The chief resources for practice are websites and books. Many times, it happens that students need to refer to books while working out online or vice versa. Referring books and online resources simultaneously is a tiresome task and here comes the printable practice tests for rescue. Students can quickly and easily refer to their books and other resources while working with the printed materials. Printed practice tests also help greatly in group studies.

Thus, having discussed the practice tests and their benefits, students are strongly advised to doubly check the copyrights of the materials before attempting to print them.