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Meticulous preparation is the key to scoring high in SAT. There are hundreds of preparation courses available today and choosing the right one could prove to be an overwhelming experience. The internet is a huge resource of study materials for SAT and almost all search engines bring up tons of information on the various preparation courses available. Before zeroing in on a SAT preparation course it is recommended that you research the preparation courses and materials available. Communicating with experts, peers and discussion forums will help you know about preparation courses. Of the many good preparation courses available today, the Princeton SAT coursesfrom Princeton Revieware worth a mention.

About Princeton Review:

Princeton Review, a preparation and admissions consulting company based in USA, was founded in the year 1981 by John Katzman, a Princeton University graduate. Princeton Review specializes in preparation materials and courses for standardized tests such as SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, GRE and LSAT to name a few and provides advice and consultancy services for college admissions. Princeton Review focuses on helping its students achieve the highest score in the standardized examinations as mentioned above. It has operations and franchisees in around 21 countries in the world.

Princeton Review SAT courses:

Princeton SAT courses from Princeton Review are flexible and offer a wide range of options from private tutoring to online courses for SAT preparation. Following are some of the course offerings from Princeton Review towards SAT preparation:

  • SAT Ultimate Prep course: This course aims to provide a command over SAT content and test strategies. The total course duration is 46 hours with 30 hours of live instruction sessions and 4 practice tests. The course claims to increase the SAT score by 150 points and is a very rigorous Princeton SAT course.
  • SAT Classroom Prep courses: This course is focused more on the test strategies rather than the content. The total duration of the course is 18 hours of live instruction and 4 practice tests.
  • SAT Small Group Instruction Prep courses: This course aims to offer a blend of classroom and tutorial experience for the test takers with a class size limited to 4. The course is 40 hours long with 24 hours of live instruction and 4 practice tests. The course provides individual attention in addition to tailor made instruction sessions for the students.
  • SAT LiveOnline Prep courses: The course aims to focus on the test strategies more than on the content for SAT. The course provides 18 hours of live instructions including 4 full-length SAT practice tests. Instructors are available throughout the duration of the course and can be contacted via email. Online practice tools are also provided as part of the course.
  • SAT Online Prep Course: This is a flexible SAT prep course offered by Princeton SAT and allows students to learn at their own pace. The course has a total of 20-30 hours of interactive online lessons and includes 4 full-length SAT tests. A range of online practice tools forms a part of this course. 24/7 technical support is provided via phone or email during the duration of the course.
  • SAT Private Tutoring: The option of private tutoring is offered exclusively or in addition to the Princeton SAT preparation courses. Private tutoring is available both as in-person and as web-based sessions.

Features of the Princeton Review SAT course:

All the Princeton SAT courses allow students to prepare as per their convenience. The courses provide students with a preparation schedule and experience that is meant to suit the student's learning style. The schedules of the courses are flexible and can be adjusted according to the student's schedule. The Princeton SAT courses guarantee an improvement in the SAT score by several points. The faculty and instructors are made to undergo rigorous training sessions and are completely dedicated to bring success to the students in SAT.

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