SAT Fees

What you pay and why?

SAT is the most sought out competitive exam for getting admissions in U.S. educational institutions. In order to take it, the candidates are supposed to pay a fee. Knowing the cost of the test before registering for the exam is therefore indispensable. Apart from the registration fees, the candidates must pay for other services such as receiving scores, sending scores, student answer services, score verification etc. This article will focus on what one needs to pay for the test as a whole.

Registration Fees

The registration fee is $49. For language tests with listening, the candidates should pay $44 and for the other subject tests, the fee is $33. Following table illustrates the price of  registration:

Registration Fees



SAT Subject Tests

Basic registration fee (per registration) Language with Listening Tests
All other SAT Subject Tests

$22 add $22 add $11

Additional Processing Fees

The additional processing fees that must be paid along with the total test fees for registering by phone, changing the test type/date/centre, late registration, standby registration, international processing fee etc are given in the table below:

Additional Processing Fees
(add to total test fees)

Register by phone
(for retaking the test and available only if you have registered before)


Change test, test date or test center fee


Late fee (U.S. and U.S. territories)


Standby fee


International processing fee (per registration)
Security surcharge to test in India and Pakistan

add $24

Receiving Scores

To receive the scores online or by mail, the students need not pay any fee. But for getting the scores by phone, the candidates are to pay $15 per call. The cost for receiving the score is as below:

Receiving Scores

Scores received online

no charge

Scores received by phone (per call)


Scores received by mail

no charge

Sending Scores

As per the official website:, the price for sending scores is described in the following table:

Sending Scores

Score report requests at registration. (Candidates can specify up to four colleges to receive their scores as part of registration until 11:59 p.m. on the Monday nine days after the published test date. Score reports selected after that are subject to the regular score report fee.)

Four included at no charge

Additional score report requests

Score report fee (per report) * Request to rush (per order) * Request for old reports — Retrieval fee (per order)

* Refundable if absent on test day

add $30 add $28

For details on sending scores, students are requested to visit the following websites: and

Student Answer Verification Services

The cost for answer verification is as follows:

Student Answer Services

Question-and-Answer Service (QAS) — refundable if absent on test day


Registration Fees

Student Answer Service (SAS) — refundable if absent on test day


More information can be seen at the following link:

Additional Services

College Board also offers additional services such as verifying scores of multiple-choice and essay sections, the fees of which are illustrated below:

Additional Services

Multiple-choice hand score verification

$55 ($27.50 for fee-waiver users)

Essay score verification

$55 ($27.50 for fee-waiver users)

Refund processing fee (for overpayments and duplicate payments)


Fee Waivers and Reductions

College Board offers fee-waivers for qualified and economically low-privileged students. A student eligible for fee waivers can use up to two fee waivers for SAT and up to two for SAT subject tests. Students can receive their fee-waivers through their school counselors. For complete information on waivers for this test, students should visit the following link:

With the cost of the test thus elaborated, students are instructed to go through the fee structure and make the fee payments appropriately.