Preparing for the SAT Exam

Prepare for SAT Yourself- Be Your Own Guide!

How Important Is SAT?

The SAT is one of the most crucial examinations in your life. It opens up a completely new arena for you, where you can achieve your goal and aim of life. The SAT test is one of those challenging competitive exams, which ensure a standard of your college readiness. The SAT scores serve as an admission criterion of a test-taker in prestigious colleges and institutions for higher courses. Hence, it becomes important that you score well in it and get as high a score as possible.

Properly preparing for the SAT exam becomes imperative, if you want to be selected by the college administrators. Preparing for the SAT exam can become stressful and exhaustive. For those, who wish to prepare for it on their own, a lot of self-discipline and patience are needed to successfully combat the huge SAT syllabus. Moreover, the study pattern and style differ among students. Hence, if you are preparing for the SAT exam on your own, you should know about your study needs.

What Is the SAT Self-Study?

You might be comfortable in preparing for the SAT exam on your own. You may have a busy schedule, funds shortage or any other issues, which bars you from attending SAT courses or hiring SAT tutors. In this regard, self-study becomes the only other alternative. However, some may prefer to take professional help for preparation but preparing on your own will also do wonders if you follow the right books and techniques of preparation.

How Would You Start SAT Self-study?

The first step to start studying for SAT on your own is to find out proper prep books for SAT. Always remember that you are your own judge in self-study. There will be no one to guide you or evaluate your progress. Hence, it is important to choose your SAT prep book carefully as the prep books should contain proper instructions, test papers and practice tests for properly preparing for the SAT exam. Moreover, you need to choose books, which deal with specific sections of the SAT, which is composed of the Critical Reading, Writing and Math sections. You need to assess your weaknesses and study hard to overcome them. Following are few tips to prepare for SAT exam:

  1. Buy Books:

    Some of the names of complete SAT prep books are the Barron's SAT (Barron's Sat (Book Only), Kaplan SAT Premier Program, Official SAT Study Guide, McGraw-Hill’s SAT, 2012 edition and Cracking the SAT, 2012. For increasing your prowess in English you can refer to Reading and Writing Workout for the New SAT or the 500 Keyword for the SAT and for securing your base in Math, you can refer to Math Workbook for the New SAT or SAT 2006, Premier program. In addition, you should buy practice papers such as 11 Practice Tests for the New SAT or Cracking the New SAT with Sample Test Paper.

  2. Make Flashcards:

    An important thing to keep in mind while preparing for the SAT exam is that, there is a huge stress on SAT vocabulary. Hence, it is important you make flashcards, which you can flip through whenever you are idle, at work, train or bus station or during the recess.

  3. Solve Practice Papers:

    Practicing test papers can be a helpful tool for SAT preparation. The test prep books come with sample papers, which you must complete in order to get the pattern of the test.

  4. Time Yourself:

    The time allocated to the SAT test is three hours and forty-five minutes. Within this time you have to complete three sections each of Critical Reading, Math and Writing and one Variable un-scored section. In order to complete your test before time, you need to practice more test papers to manage time.

  5. Start Early:

    Another important fact about preparing for the SAT exam is to start early. At least having three months in hand before the actual SAT test is considered a reliable duration for SAT preparation.

It is not impossible to score high in the SAT if you are preparing on your own. You just need to have a strong mental focus and self-discipline to cope up with the SAT self-study preparation. Always remember that preparing for the SAT exam on your own will only be successful if you have regular study hours, within which there will be the least distractions and most dedication for reaching your aim. ‘Practice’ is the catchword and ‘determination’ is your tool to crack SAT on your own.

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