Preparing for the SAT-2

As we have discussed earlier that SAT is an important test to get admission in the colleges and SAT scores are an important factor. SAT scores are one of the many factors which colleges consider while taking a decision about the admissions. Students should realize the importance of the preparation for the SAT test. So you should plan your preparation for the SAT test very systematically. You should decide whether you want to study on your own or you want to join a preparation class. You should talk to the students who have already taken the test about the mode of preparation for the SAT. SAT preparation class is a good way of preparation for the SAT test. These classes bound you to a fixed schedule of preparation for the SAT test. The nature of SAT preparation class is interactive as classes have a tutor who can help you according to his ability in your preparations. You get immediate attention to you doubts. Before joining a preparation class, you should take care of few things. You should check the credentials of the institutes or web sites which are offering preparation courses for the SAT. You can find out from the students who have already attended these institutes for preparing for the SAT test These institutes and web sites offer free seminars or sample lessons. You should try to attend them to get the feel of the actual course. Before deciding on one such course, you should compare the cost and course contents of two or three reputed institutes. You should put an equal effort to take maximum benefit out of the preparation courses. Self study is very important to prepare for the SAT test. You should take as many practice tests as possible to apply test taking strategies which you have learnt while preparing for the SAT test.

Preparing for the SAT and ACT Examinations

ACT is another test which helps students in getting admission in the colleges in US and its territories. ACT and SAT scores act as a supplement to your high school grades, your course work and class rank. So it is better to prepare for ACT and SAT examinations. Many colleges give equal importance to both the exams. Though format and scoring of the two tests is totally different, both the tests are based on the high school courses. So it is easy to prepare for the SAT and ACT examinations simultaneously. Preparations for the SAT and ACT examinations need equal hard work and concentration. Preparations for the SAT and ACT basically depend on the practice sessions. In both the exams, you have to learn the test taking strategies. You have to be careful about the timing of the test while preparing for the SAT and ACT examinations as both of the tests are offered under timed conditions. The most important thing in your preparation for SAT test is practice. Once you feel you have reviewed your course contents, you should try to give practice tests. It gives you an idea about the status of your preparations. You can give more attention to your low scoring areas. Hard work, dedication and practice are the keywords while preparing for the SAT.

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