Preparing for the SAT

SAT initially known as scholastic assessment test is a quantification of a student's skills in critical thinking and his ability to succeed academically in college. It is a test of a candidate's knowledge which he or she has acquired in the high school. Colleges consider SAT test scores as a standardized measuring stick to take a decision about the admissions and the scholarships they offer. So it is very important to score a high score in SAT. To get your aimed score in SAT, you need to have a systematic study plan and an expert guidance. Since the SAT scores open for a candidate the chances of getting into a reputed college, and improve his chances of financial help, preparing for the SAT well shall help maximize the SAT scores.

There are various basic strategies which you should follow while preparing for the SAT. You should begin your preparations for the SAT well in advance. You should chalk out a rigorous plan for preparation of the SAT. You should familiarize your self with the syllabus and format of the exam. SAT consists of three major sections namely critical reading, mathematics, writing. Each section is scored on a scale of 200-800. Total duration of the test is about 4 hrs. SAT basically consists of multiple choice questions plus you have to write an essay which is to be finished in 25 minutes. All the questions carry equal marks. There is negative marking for wrong answers. For each correct answer you get one mark and for each incorrect answer, one fourth mark is deducted.

Before starting your preparations for the SAT, you should carry out a self analysis. It helps you to identify your requirements, your weak areas and strengths. You will be able to judge the areas which require more attention.

There are many ways to prepare for the SAT like SAT preparation books, SAT preparation classes (classroom based, online classes), software, private tutoring etc. Many students want to prepare for the SAT on their own. But to prepare for the exam, they need help of good preparation books. The basic difference between a preparation class and self study is the presence of a tutor. Other than these modes of preparations for the SAT, high school books also play an important role in preparing children for the SAT. Many colleges also prepare their students for the SAT so that they can get admissions in the reputed colleges. All these preparation classes prepare their students for the SAT by teaching them basic concepts, taking practice tests, and teaching them various test taking techniques. Regular classroom based courses offer face to face interaction with the faculty. You get to know your fellow students who are preparing for the exam. You can share your fears and doubts with them. Online classes add flexibility to your preparation schedule as you can take these classes according to your convenience. You do not have to attend the classes in person. You get 24 hour access to the faculty. Most of the SAT preparation classes offer a complete package for the preparation of the SAT including practice exams, personalized score reports, great classroom instruction, individualized homework assignments, and adaptable course materials. These classes prepare their students for the SAT by pointing out your weak areas. These classes impose a disciplined scheduled on you to prepare for the SAT. One of the best things about the preparation courses is an intensive revision and practice sessions. Practicing makes the students confident while preparing for the SAT. There are special exam classes available which prepare children specifically for taking the SAT. These various classes prepare you in applying various test taking strategies. These classes also train you in taking timed tests. There are many web sites which offer mock tests.

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