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10 Invaluable Tips to Prepare for SAT

Guidance, in any form, is invaluable. Competitive exams are one phenomenon in a person’s life that elicits the maximum number of “dos” and “don’ts” accompanied with a string of advice. Often confusing a person more than adding solace and guidance, these pearls of wisdom can tend to be a little overbearing if one may say. Simple experiences of test-takers and scholars can sometimes prove to be the best set of inspirations for others who intend on a similar path. Preparation, hard work and focus are three basic yet key ingredients for succeeding at school tests or competitive exams that might decide your future. The SAT exam prep should also be guided by these basic principles. Following are 10 invaluable tips that will help you prepare for SAT exam and maybe many exams after it too.

  1. Decide Exam Date: Focus, should be your key element all the time. Once you have decided the SAT test date you can start working on a schedule which involves a balance of school work activities, SAT prep and a bit of socialising as well. If you know when and how to prepare, SAT exam can easily be cleared and aced at.

  2. Begin with Practice Tests: Taking practice tests ensures the applicant is well aware of his weak points in the beginning of his SAT Prep. Knowing his weak areas will help him strengthen them and when he sits to prepare, SAT exam prep will be easy to negotiate.

  3. Follow a Schedule: Having focus as part of the plan when you are about to prepare, SAT exam prep done with the help of a schedule would be of immense help to the applicant. He must chalk out at least a few hours, say 2-3 hours a day for SAT prep. It is advisable to prepare SAT exam prep schedule and follow it loyally.

  4. Know the Pattern: Learning how to prepare should also include being aware of SAT exam details like format, sections, question types and time allotted to each section. So, whenever the applicant takes a practice test, he should do so against time and in similar conditions, if possible. Also, as part of the SAT prep, every time the applicant plans to prepare, SAT exam pattern and format should always be clear in his mind.

  5. Respect the Deadline: Preparing well for the SAT is not enough, applicants need to register in time as well and respect the registration end dates in order to secure a test date and center of their choice. Without having registered in time, it is futile to prepare. SAT exam registration dates can be seen at the College Board website and the applicant can plan well in advance as a number of dates are released well before time. At the same time, if at any point the applicant feels that although he has done the registration but has not been able to fully prepare, SAT exam registration should be cancelled and the applicant should make it a point to enter the exam halls only with full prep.

  6. Focus on Weak Areas: Spending more time on components an applicant is good at is not a wise thing to do. Weaker areas require more preparation and therefore should be of focus to the applicant. Nevertheless, this preparation should always be peppered with practice tests to gauge whether the focused prep on the weaker areas is working or not.

  7. Set a Target: No aim is well achieved if it does not have a target. The maximum score for a SAT exam is 2400 and a reasonable target of 2100-2250 is what an applicant can set while starting out on his prep. With every practice test taken, he should score at least a few of them to see if he is reaching his set mark. The applicant should prepare SAT exam deadline of sorts and aim to achieve it before he finally takes the SAT.

  8. Socialise: Getting serious is good, but getting too serious can be injurious both to the applicant’s mental and physical health. Going out to cafes, meeting family and friends over occasions and festivals or simply reading a book are activities that should never be stopped. Although the frequency can be reduced but complete cessation is not advisable.

  9. On the Test Day: As part of the SAT prep, applicants should also plan to reach the SAT exam center ahead of time. The scheduled time expected is 30 minutes in advance, but the applicants should plan on a 45 minutes early entry to be able to gather his wits and get in the exam mode. The applicant should also dress appropriately and carry an extra jacket in case it gets cold at the center.

  10. A Last Word: Although a lot of emphasis is laid on the SAT score, admission committees see the entire package of an applicant which includes school performance, extra-curricular activities, GPA, creative talents and many such things apart from the SAT scores to decide whether or not he has to be granted admission to the college. Keep this in mind at all times and prepare well!

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