Methods to Prepare for SAT

SAT is not a test of your undergraduate GPA or a measure of your memory retention capacity. It is a test of your skills in reasoning and in coming to a logically correct conclusion in the shortest possible time. This means that you need to first understand the given information correctly and process it fast. This test is taken by thousands of candidates from around the world. SAT is conducted seven times in a year at hundreds of testing centers throughout the world. ACT is another aptitude test that is similar to SAT. The competition among the students taking SAT or ACT is so tough that only good scorers can be sure of getting admissions to the top US universities. A good score at these exams will only depend on how you prepare for SAT or ACT.

SAT is like any other aptitude test and it follows a standard pattern. Therefore, there are standard methods to prepare for SAT. There are online courses as well as coaching institutes to prepare for SAT. One can appoint a private tutor also. If you do not wish to take any prep course, then you can simply follow a self study routine for SAT preparation. Let us see each of these methods in detail in the succeeding paragraphs.

Online Course

The internet has become a boon for everyone today. The same is true for a SAT student. There are a number of web sites that offer online courses to prepare for SAT. An online course is a good option as it offers you a lot of benefits. It is convenient and one can prepare for SAT anytime and anywhere. You may even say that it is the best way to prepare for SAT at home. One has to first get the feedback about the online courses available. Once you are sure about the course contents, study materials and the quality of teaching then only you should take that course. Sample questions and explanations to the solved answers is an absolute must for any course. Once you get these features in your online course it can be the best way to prepare for SAT at home. You may even find a lot of web sites that provide SAT prep materials for free. Some of the prominent web sites that offer online courses to prepare for SAT are as follows:

Coaching Institute

Joining a coaching institute is another good option to prepare for SAT. You can get comprehensive study materials and sample question papers at coaching institutes. Experienced people are appointed to teach you and you can clarify all your doubts from them. Group study at a coaching institute is a good way to learn from others. You should be a little careful while choosing a coaching institute. You can find out the quality of an institute from the internet or from friends. You must look for certain aspects of a coaching institute like the study materials that will be provided, size of the classrooms, quality of teachers and the number of mock tests that will be conducted.

Private Tutor

If you are not comfortable studying in a group then you can appoint a private tutor to prepare for SATM. However, it is a costly option. Moreover, you need to be really sure of the credentials of the tutor. You cannot ignore the advantages of appointing a private tutor. A private tutor will give you complete personal attention while you prepare for SAT. He can plan your time table and pace his teaching as per your understanding.

Self Study

If you do not want to join any prep course then you can carry out self study to prepare for SAT. You just need a good SAT study guide and regular study. As we have mentioned above, you get a lot of free study materials and sample question papers online. Solving a lot of sample question papers is the best way to prepare for SAT at home.

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