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Students aspire to get high scores in the SAT test so as to be able to gain admissions in their favorite colleges and study the academic disciplines of their choice in colleges. Therefore in order to get a high score it is essential for test takers to thoroughly prepare for SAT test. It is an established fact that there is no other way to get a good score apart from perseverance and practice. Well designed schedules, comprehensive study material and the right coaching along with determination is the best way to prepare for SAT test. There are a number of study materials including books, online courses, online video lessons and additional learning tools that are provided by the College Board in order to help the students prepare for SAT test. Other renowned publication houses also provide such study material. You are always advised to pick the type of study material based on factors such as authenticity, reliability, study matter and concepts covered and user reviews and recommendations.

The SAT Official Study Guide: 2nd Edition

The official guide helps test takers prepare for SAT test with 10 practice tests, 1,000 pages and over 20 chapters that cover all the sections of the test, targeted questions for each question types, practice essays with samples and model answers to mock questions online score reports and tips and techniques to solve Math questions. The Official SAT Guide: 2nd Edition is available at;jsessionid=2JgxTljcKZvBmk0QgRvhd9V5PV5Dx2dtjCjcnWldjZ874rhxGQWL!-2143260089?track=home&Itemkey=008525 and can be purchased for $21.99 per copy. You should also visit the website to read about other offers and discounts.

The Princeton Review: Cracking the SAT

The Princeton review is well celebrated for its efficiency in tutoring students and providing other services in helping student prepare for SAT test. Apart from tutorials, they also provide prep books and other prep material for the SAT. Cracking the SAT is one of the best sat prep books and has received maximum customer satisfaction reviews. It provides explanations of concepts as well as an explanation to every question in the book. It has 5 full length practice questions at the back along with links to personalized answers to the questions. Test takers that buy the book also receive access to interactive test prep tools on The Princeton Review website. The book works around teaching you tips and strategies on how to understand and solve questions on the SAT test. The book can be purchased over the internet or from a bookstore.

Kaplan SAT Premier Program

Kaplan has always been known for its customization and personalized approach to students with regards to its study materials and services. The Kaplan SAT Premier Program comes with an additional CD and online access to additional preparatory and practice material. The book provides comprehensive explanations for every question in the book and also about tips and techniques for different question types. This aids the test takers while they prepare for SAT test by helping them familiarize themselves with the test pattern and questions. The Kaplan SAT Premier Program also provides you with downloadable material for your phones and PDA’s.

Gruber’s Complete SAT Guide 2012

The books boasts of an extensive vocabulary builder, strategies and tips for problem solving, 101 important Math questions and 5 full length practice tests. It explains everything about SAT testing and uses diagnostic methods for provide correction to errors. The trick is to learn critical strategies that will not only help you prepare for SAT test but also for future problem solving. To read more visit

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