Different Methods Of Preparing For The SAT

Preparation for SAT through Virtual Tools

The SAT is one exam for which applicants rarely get exclusive preparation time. Often they have to balance school and its activities, along with the preparation for exam. It is not an easy balance to achieve and many a student might buckle under such a pressure. Examination preparation companies are well aware of this fact and have therefore developed many virtual tools for preparation for applicants who do not only want to depend on offline courses or hard bound tomes to succeed. Such virtual tools would comprise of anything from online courses, preparation software, games, videos, mobile applications, E-books, guides and interactive practice tests. If you are one of those who intend to know and utilize such virtual tools for studies, then read on.


Training just got better, with so many preparation software available for applicants, and that too with a wide price range from a few hundred dollars to just $35. The most popular names in preparatory software are Word Smart, Nova Press, Topics Entertainment and My Max Score amongst many others. Topics Entertainment’s SAT Platinum Edition software has been voted as the No. 1 SAT software. At just under $35, it is a sure hit with students because of its affordability and comprehensive course content of 10 full-length tests, 20 realistic practice tests and a virtual tutor. Another popular software is, Word Smart’s SAT software which offers 20 hours of vocabulary practise and for Math preparation it has 15 focus areas like, algebra, geometry, fractions and so on, along with 15 practice tests.

Online Courses

Often an applicant might not have the time or luxury to attend offline classes to prepare well for examination. For such applicants online courses are a boon and they are usually available at half of the price of the offline courses/private tutoring lessons. The College Board’s Official Online Course is a good way to start for an applicant wanting to optimise his free time on the web. Available at under $70 for a one year access to study materials, 18 interactive lessons, 10 practice tests, hundreds of practice questions and personalized score reports, the College Board’s online course is the ultimate go-to course for a complete preparation. Revolution Prep’s Virtual Tutor SAT course is also another online course applicants can have a look at. Available in two kinds, it is priced on a slightly higher side, being of $299 and $499 respectively. Test King’s Full SAT Prep Course too is a comprehensive course with hundreds of practice questions, guide pages and is priced under $100.

E-Books and Prep Guides and Practice Tests

Mobile phones, laptops and media players are very commonly used devices by applicants for studies. Often armed with hundreds of MB of memory space, E-books, practice tests and downloaded preparatory guides are part of the virtual preparation tools for applicants on their media devices. Many a times these e-books or practice tests are free, but sometimes can be procured with a minimal spending as well. Ivy League Admission’s website has many such e-books available to download and learn from. E-books like 1001 Questions and Answers from SAT to Guerrilla Tactics for the SAT&™ are some of the books that applicants can buy and use. Many companies like Princeton Review and even the College Board offer free practice tests online on their websites. Applicants can take these at any time of the day and that too without having to pay a penny. Preparation guides for individual components too can be purchased and downloaded to read from while on the move. Sites like http://www.sat-essay.net/sat-ebook.html and http://www.ebooks.com/221290/sat-prep-course-ebook/kolby-jeff/ would be of great help to applicants.

Videos and Applications and Games

Of all the virtual tools, probably the most fun tools are games, videos and applications. Available in plenty for applicants, there won’t ever be a dull moment while preparing for exam with these tools. Vocabulary games like those available on Kaplan’s website or Sheppard’s software are free and fun ways to learn. Videos and applications are also available on Apple, Vocab Video and Prep Interactive for viewing and installing on mobiles to use and learn.