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SAT is an aptitude test. It is not a test of your memory. However, it is a test of your abilities to make use of your knowledge and process the given information in the shortest possible time to arrive at an answer. Practice is the most important factor for your preparation. Therefore, a pre SAT test is of a huge importance in your SAT preparation. Pre SAT tests are provided by various web sites. You may even find the pre SAT tests and practice materials at the official web site of the SAT i.e. Since SAT is designed and administered by the College Board, it is highly advisable to make use of the study materials and the pre SAT tests offered by it. It also offers you separate practice materials for the individual sections of the test. The pre SAT tests offered by the official web site provide you with score cards as well as explanations to the answers. This way you can keep track of your progress. It also offers you a series called The Official SAT Question of the Day. In this it gives you one question every day for practice. Once you submit your answer it displays whether your choice was correct or not. Along with this it also explains the rationale behind the correct answer. If you face difficulties while arriving at an answer, you can take help of the hint provided along with the question. This kind of a pre SAT test is also very interesting and stimulating. The official web site mentioned above has a huge database of such questions based on every question type. It is just that you need to make the most of it. The College Board even offers you a couple of study guides called The Official SAT Online Course and The Official SAT Study Guide.

There are other web sites that offer pre SAT tests. Most of them are available for free download. Some of these web sites are as under:

SAT Courses

Pre SAT tests are offered as a part of SAT courses also. The more you practice the more you will be confident during the actual exam. Therefore, the coaching institutes make you solve a lot of pre SAT tests. At these institutes the pre SAT tests are conducted like the actual exam. You get exactly the same time as that in the final exam. Once you take the exam your question papers are corrected by experienced faculty who then guide you about your weaker areas. They also guide you as to how to speed up your process of answering. The time saving techniques offered by them can be very useful for you during the actual exam. One can take the pre SAT test with the help of a private tutor or during self study also. You can find a lot of web sites that provide you guidance in this regard.

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