Pre SAT Test Online

What Is PSAT And How Can You Take It Online?

What is PSAT?

The Preliminary Scholastic Assessment Test (PSAT) is an important standardized test that high schools conduct. Student in their junior or senior year can appear for this test in the Fall session. The PSAT is important because it is a practice test to judge your preparedness for the actual SAT. Depending on how early you judge yourself, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses and build on those areas by the time you appear for the actual SAT test. Moreover, students appearing for the PSAT in their junior year can qualify for National Merit Scholarship Program based on their PSAT scores. The scholarship is helpful because it funds all your college expenses, including tuitions and boarding.

Taking the PSAT

The PSAT test is conducted in high schools and not in any SAT test centers. If you want to appear for the PSAT test, you need to sign up for the test at your high school. In case your school does not have provisions for PSAT, you can take the test at another high school in your community. To take the PSAT, you need to contact your high school counsellor for details about the test. The Official Student Guide contains details about preparing for the test and steps to take in case you are unable to appear for the test.

Taking the Pre SAT Test Online

Although the PSAT is conducted in high schools, there are sites that offer practice pre SAT test online in case you want to practice for the test. Taking pre SAT test online is a good way to track the progress of your preparation for SAT. Taking pre SAT test online is advantageous because you can also check your scores instantly as most scores are available online, along with detailed explanations.

  • Princeton Review: You can prepare for your PSAT as well as take free practice pre SAT tests online. This site is available at:
  • Prepme: One such site is Prepme. In addition to a personalized schedule, the course offers you full length practice pre SAT test online tests. The site includes comprehensive information about the PSAT, such as the breakup of subjects (which topics are included in sections), the time limit to solve questions, the scoring method of PSAT, and things to carry with you on the test day. The scoring explanation is especially helpful for you to understand negative marking, more so because your scores will help you achieve scholarship for college. This website can be accessed at:
  • This is another helpful site for taking pre SAT test online. The site includes five practice tests on each subject area: Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, Math Problem Solving, Sentence Completion, and Logical Reasoning. This site is available at:
  • ePrep: This site offers you a complete, online PSAT program and includes practice pre SAT test online. The site also offers you detailed explanations of answers and provides personalized feedback tools. The site contains other helpful information, such as dates of the test and registering for the test. This site is available at:
  • Test Prep Review: This website contains self-assessment modules that you can use to practice pre SAT test online. The site provides a list of other online resources you can access to improve your weak subjects and enhance your scores. This site is available at:
  • Peterson’s: This site includes a free practice test for PSAT. The test is a full-length and timed test that simulates the actual test. The site also contains answers with detailed explanations. However, you need to sign in to the site in order to access the test online. This site is available at:

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